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Jaguar XJC Reunion Tour
Port Stephens, New South Wales
21-29 March, 2017

The XJC Muster organisers want to advise you of another XJC get together - "A Reunion Tour" in 21-29 March 2017 in Port Stephens, NSW - culminating with attending the Jaguar National Rally Display Day. We’re hoping for another great XJC turnout.

We’re calling the reunion a ‘tour’ as there are already two groups – one each from SA and VIC planning to come up to NSW, culminating with attendance at the Jaguar National Rally.

The tour will run from 21 to 29 March, and we are hoping for a big display of XJ Coupes at the National Rally Display Day on Saturday 25 March. Planning of timing, route, and accommodation has been finalised.

It's looking to be a great event with a visit to Bathurst, the Gosford Car Museum and a lovely evening after the National Rally staying at The Hermitage Lodge, Pokolbin. We hope you can join us.

For more info visit

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