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Austin 7 Sports Bitser 1958
Austin 7 Sports Bitser 1958 

Publish Date : 2016-11-08

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Photo submitted by Peter MacProf

My first car was a combination of 1929 and 1935 parts and a home-made body, put together by a relative of my girlfriend of the time (1958). I bought it for £58/-/- ($116). It had a roof which fitted where it touched, hand-operated windscreen wiper, and a light blue body with white front cycle guards. Its engine was mainly 1929 magneto ignition converted to a distributor and used with a coil, but with a 1935 cylinder head and chassis. The fairly light body and rear quarter-elliptic springs made for some startling U-turns as the tail would slide out at the very hint of braking during a turn. The car has probably long since gone to God, but I still have the Paddy Pallin parka jacket, RAAF Mk VIb goggles and the knitted balaclava if anyone is interested!