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1979 UC Torana SL 3.3
1979 UC Torana SL 3.3 

Publish Date : 2017-02-11

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Photo submitted by Colin Hamill

This car resides in New Zealand. I have owned it for 13 years. The body/interior is completely original apart from the "dress-up" extras. It runs fully worked 202 with 5-speed Commodore g/box and 3.08 Commodore gears in the diff. The UC Toranas were not assembled in NZ, only the Sunbirds were. The Toranas were ordered in Australia and shipped across built-up. Because, at the time, most people were waiting on the launch of the new Commodores, very few UC Toranas were ordered in NZ in the '79 year and they are a very rare car now in this country.