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Founded by David Dunbar Buick in 1903, it only survived one year of independence before financial problems would see the need to bring William C Durant into the company. Durants capital injection was put to good use, the new Buick factory turning the fledgling company into a success story that survives to this day. From that factory was born the "Model C" - almost the most popular car around, 2nd only to Henrys Model T.

By 1908 had become part of the GM empire, but decided to maintain market position by innovation, Delco electric lights and starters being made standard by 1914, the same year they would release a 6 cylinder model B-55. Quietly kept alive the US tradition of making each successive model bigger and more elaborate, and by 1931 had released a straight-eight overhead valve model. Synchro gearboxes were introduced in 1932, independent front suspension in 1934.

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Buick Centurion  

Buick Centurion

Buick's new "dream" car for 1956 is the Centurion, a racy four-passenger, two-door coupe with an all-glass top. Made of fibreglass, the Centurion incorporates many innovations in styling and engineering. It is mounted on a 118 inch wheelbase and is powered by a 325 horsepower V-8 engine. More>>
Buick Riviera  

Buick Skylark

1961 - 1963
In the early 1960s more and more Americans were following the then current trend of ordering their cars with sports options - bucket seats, convertible tops, and four-speed floor shifts. Most of these items were being ordered on compact cars, not standard-sized ones. One of the more popular compacts was the Buick Special, and in the early 1960s the Special was the second-best seller in the Buick line-up. More>>
Buick Riviera  

Buick Riviera

1963 - 1965
Blessed with some of the finest styling to come out of Detroit it was restrained yet swoopy and exuded presence where cars like the Cadillac and Imperial were seen as merely big. More>>
Buick California GS  

Buick California GS

1967 - 1969
The California GS was Buick's attempt to create a lower cost and smaller muscle car. Fitted with the small block GS drivetrain, the exterior received the full treatment including vinyl top, chrome moulding package, GS emblems, and special California scripts. More>>
1968 Buick GS 400  

Buick GS 350 and 400

Buick's Gran Sport didn’t catch the American public's eye - and car-buying dollars - as well as its competitors'. By 1968 it was fighting for 4th place in the intermediate super arena with Ford's Fairlane. And that in itself told a story...firstly that the Fairlane wasn't higher on the charts, and the fact that Buick was able to maintain a sales figure equal to a Ford product. More>>
Buick Riviera Boat Tail  

Buick Riviera Boat Tail

1971 - 1973
Although controversial when released, successive Riviera's became smaller, uglier and far more conventional, ending the allure but ensuring this model would forever be remembered as a true classic. More>>
Buick Regal Grand National

Buick Regal Grand National

1982 - 1987
While the Buick T-Type Regal coupes were aimed at the performance market, 1982's Regal Grand National signalled a change for the better. Named for the NASCAR Grand National racing series, this car incorporated a 4.1 litre V6 with 125 hp, or an optional 180 hp turbocharged 3.8 V6. It also featured T-tops, front and rear spoilers and a striking gray over silver paint job. More>>
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