Crosley Car Company Reviews and Road Tests

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Crosley Car Company

The Crosley automobile was the brain child of Powel Crosley, who had already made his fortune as a radio and appliance manufacturer, owner of WLW the "Nation's Station" and the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. Crosley set up an engineering facility in Cincinnati Ohio, with assembly of the cars taking place in Richmond Indiana (Crosley Corporation) from 1939 to 1942, and then Marion Indiana (Crosley Motors) from 1946 to 1952. The company was eventually sold to General Tire in 1952, they soon halting production, although sporadic efforts were made to acquire the automotive tooling and fixtures to resume production, these efforts were all in vain.

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1939 - 1942
Perhaps one of the strangest vehicles to come out of the US of A was the Crosley, a sub compact car that began life in 1939 and survived until 1952. What was so unique about the Crosley was its humble design, based very much on the small sub-compact cars from Europe, and built in a country where the traditional sedans bonet was longer than this little car. More>>
Crosley "Roundside"

Crosley "Roundside"

1946 - 1952
After WWII the 1946 model Crosleys were introduced. Known as the "Roundside", Crosley modified the body work by creating a more square and modern look. But the biggest improvement to the little car was the implementation of an overhead cam 4 cylinder engine. While the prices went up marginally, the Crosley remained America's cheapest car, and in some respects became a leader in innovation. More>>


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