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DAF Car Company

DAF started out as a building trailers as a family business, however after World War 2 the company commenced production of trucks and later cars, each considered very innovative even by today's standards. For example, at a time when auto transmissions were both complex and expensive, DAF was a pioneer in bringing a simplified auto to the cheaper end cars. Rather than using gears, the DAF used twin "Vee-Belts" running over 2 sets of pulleys, changing sizes according to road conditions and being controlled by a centrifugal clutch.

The 1958 DAF 33 used this ingenous transmission (the forerunner to the now more common CVT), linked to a 590cc air-cooled engine. As DAF's grew in size, they would switch to using Renault running gear, and in 1968 several would be entered into the London-Sydney marathon, and while they did not come in the placings they did finish the race, which was quite an achievement! The final iteration was released in 1972 as the 66, but the company was soon to be swallowed up by Volvo who would restyle the 66 and launch it as the Volvo 343.

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DAF 44  

DAF 44

1966 - 1974
The DAF44 made its debut in 1966, and featured an attractive and larger body to previous iterations. The design was penned by Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti, who was able to take the utalitarian and make it rather more pleasing to the eye. More>>
DAF 33  

DAF 33

1967 - 1974
The DAF33 made its debut a year after the 44, effectively replacing the Daffodil when the company decided to drop the flowery name altogther. DAF then had two distinct bodies from which to chose, the "A" body as used for the 33, and the "B" body as used for the 44. More>>
DAF 55

DAF 55

1967 - 1972
DAF entered two 55´s in the 1968 London-Sydney Marathon, and despite plenty of cars that were not able to complete the arduous trek the two little DAF's accounted for themselves very well, finishing in position 17 and 57. More>>
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