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Ford Fairlane ZC

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Ford Fairlane

Ford Fairlane ZC

1969 - 1970
6 cyl. & V8
250ci 6 / 302 - 351ci V8
140hp 6 / 220-290hp V8
3/4 spd. man / 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
188 km/h (351 ci)
Number Built:
3 star
Ford Fairlane ZC
Reviewed by Unique Cars and Parts
Our Rating: 3


The ZC marked the first noticable change to the Fairlane, swapping from horizontal to vertical headlamp orientation. For long a U.S. styling device, it was unusual that Ford in Australia would go to this design after it had been abandoned across the Pacific.

By necessity it did raise the front wings to accomodate the lights and this gave the ZC a larger and more imposing look.

As per the previous models, the Custom was fitted with the 6 cylinder motor, while the Fairlane 500 continued with the 302ci V8.

Importantly, for the first time the whopping 351ci 5.75 litre V8 was available as an option.

The options list on the ZC was extensive and not confined to just the engine size - although the "bonet emblem" was to be no more (replaced with a crest). But there was plenty of chrome, and upmarket red stripe inserts to the tyres.

The six-cylinder Custom was fitted with a three-speed manual transmission, bench front seat, drum brakes all round and cross-ply tyres and cost $3330 (suprisingly only a mere $30 more than a 3.6-litre Fairmont).

$4370 would see you driving away in the V8-engined '500', which came with standard disc brakes, fully-reclining bucket seats, a fake woodgrain dash and distinctive sill mouldings.

As was traditional for the time, the three speed manual stuck with a column mounted shift, while the four speed was mounted on the floor, and necessitated bucket seats.

Although the Fairlane was considered a luxury car, you may be surprised to learn that even basic items such as the radio were optional ($123), air-conditioning ($407) and Australia's first factory-fitted steel sunroof ($163). Ford had made much of the sound deadening and insulation used in the car - and with justification as the ZC offered a very quiet and refined ride.

12,500 ZC's were manufactured between July 1969 and November 1970.

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Posted 458 days ago
Was a great read and is going to be a really good guide, thanks! I was looking forward to some more pic's as well though, I haven't come across to many.
Posted 2122 days ago
brilliant, though definately more/& larger pic's
James L.
Posted 2549 days ago
Pretty good though more pictures would be good ie colour varaitions wheel trims etc.
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