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Ford Falcon ED

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Ford Falcon ED

1993 - 1994
6 cyl. & V8
3157/3949/4999 cc
90 /139kw 6 cyl - 165kw V8
5 spd. man / 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
180 km/h
Number Built:
1 star
Ford Falcon ED
Reviewed by Unique Cars and Parts
Our Rating: 1


Even though there were over 280 changes made to the EB to create the ED, Ford's continued development of the EB had seen so many improvements that the ED was simply an evolution of an already popular and reliable car.

As the "XR" models were proving more and more popular, Ford reserved the biggest styling changes for them. Most distinguishable was the introdution of a unique four-headlight cluster - giving the front appearance of the car an agressive menacing look.

A "Supersport" suspension option was developed by Tickford specifically for XR models equipped with the impressive new 16-inch wheel and 50-scries Michelin tyre combination.

The Falcon S model came to an end, to be replaced by the revival of the "Futura" designation, a mid range model nestled between the entry level GLi and the plush Fairmont.

Standard equipment on the Futura included ABS brakes (also standard on the ED Fairmont), cruise control, an eight-speaker sound system, full instrumentation, digital clock, bodycolour door handles (now standard on all Falcon models except GLi), lamps for ignition lock and map-reading, inertia reel centre lap/sash seat belt.

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Posted 115 days ago
Hi there, dose anyone have or know where I can get a 94 ford powersteering pressure hose please.
Posted 117 days ago
Ive recently bought an ED and i must say its beautiful. i inf act swapped a blown up 1999 vt hsv mock up for 2 of them, one was in a bad way body wise but with a health manual trans and the other is immaculate, so i choose to keep one as my daily and the other will soon be a race, my daily is at 187,000ks and runs like a dream., i have plans to have it custom painted Amethyst Blue, dropped to super low or bagged. have purchased a gt body kit and 17inch chrome rims. i must say as is it stands to be the best car ive owned before this only ever had commys will never do that again after blowing up 3 vt's in 2 years and no not by thrashing them.
Posted 1510 days ago
hi guys l just bought my Lplater son an ed xr6 five speed pretty tidy but plenty for him to learn with.not knowing anthing about them except l allways wanted one myself but bypassed to a ba(dream car) l was told by the guy l bought it off that it was when ford went from FPV to tickford and had been enhanced by both ?? it has FPV badging and tickford motor and five speed manual.it also has a factory sub and cd stacker wich l am also told means something . any information on our project or directions as to where l can find some would be appreciated cheers sook sook_62@hotmail
Posted 1527 days ago
Enter the ED XR6 I happen to own one of these in the rair pearl black colour. It has custom made extractors and custom exhaust and is running 16inch wheels with 225 low profile rubber. I find this car alot of fun. Its Performance is on par if not better then FG non turbo XR6s and SV6 with direct injection. Its very practical to. When I need to pull something like a boat it does it fantastically I get about 12.5 towing 15ft tinny with 3 peeps in car. never really given me a reliability issue.
Posted 1779 days ago
I am looking for a transmission to fit a 1994 ford falcon ed. How much would i be looking at and does anyone knoe where to buy it.
Posted 1843 days ago
To Moira.... starterimporter on Ebay. David does the best deals you will find anywhere. works out of Melb.hard to understand his talking as Chinese but a top bloke & will go out of his way to help. not sure if he does water pumps though? i got a NEW alt for my 5ltr 93 Fairlane for less than $250.00 delivered. pass him on to all Ford nuts as this bloke will send the others broke with service & prices. good luck, Mick
Posted 1866 days ago
I am looking for a new 95 ED starter motor and waterpump.
Posted 1866 days ago
ED series never had the 3.2L (90kw) it only came with the 4.0L and the 5.0L. It also had a 4 speed auto, not 3 speed. Both these errors only apply to the EA.
Posted 1879 days ago
I just got a ED Futura 5ltr. 93 beautiful car only 140,000 k's all nice interior nice paint work all original. so so beautiful. haha
Posted 1883 days ago
hey..my names bryce and im 15 yrs old and i just got an original ed xr6 with 200K kms very nice looking car and excited for it to be my first : )
Posted 1886 days ago
Great car, is basically all i can say about the ED. It's great for those long trip's in the summer heat. Replaced the head once and that is all the trouble i have had! Compared to a 1993 VP Commodore, The 1993 ED Falcon takes the win easy! Great [P] Plater car!!
Posted 2024 days ago
4 speed auto, and there was no 90kw motor.
Posted 2025 days ago
Hi I have an ED which has done 345K Km's. I bought it when it had done 140K Km's. It has been reliable. It is on gas, gets 520km to a 65 litre gas tank on the open road but only 350 in the city. On petrol it still gets about 550 km to a tank. I have had to replace the head twice, (ED's on gas do a head at 150K km and mine did them like clockwork, a new radiator and brake pads etc. It gets serviced and tuned regularly. Just had it done today. Compression in each cylander was 180 and the repair guy thinks it should be good for another 100K km's. I was thinking of getting another car but will put this off for a while yet as it is still going so well.
Posted 2149 days ago
Our ED Falcon Classic was a wonderful family car. Very reliable, great on the highway run, roomy and comfortable. Personally I loved its styling, especially the fantastic 'Classic' alloy wheels.
At the time of owning it I was able to compare to a '93 VR Commodore, and the Ford won easily. Far less 'tinny' sounding, and it suffered none of our VR's electrical glitches. Economy narrowly went to the 3.8 Buick motor in the Holden, but the Aussie Ford Inline Six made up for this in effortless power, great torque and was far less thrashy.
I cannot understand why young men now buy Commy's of this vintage when the ED is a far better package... GM were apparently better at marketing Monaro doona covers and pyjamas to kids!
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