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Ford Falcon EF

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Ford Falcon EF

1994- 1996
6 cyl. & V8
3949/4999 cc
157kw 6 cyl - 165kw V8
5 spd. man / 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
180 km/h
Number Built:
1 star
Ford Falcon EF
Ford Falcon EF
Reviewed by Unique Cars and Parts
Our Rating: 1


Undoubtedly the most significant "facelift" of the "E" series Falcon was the "EF".

With the notable exception of the doors, the remaining panels were all new, and now the luxury Fairmont and Fairmont Ghia versions could be distinguished by completely different frontal treatments.

Mechanically, the EF utilized hydraulic engine mounts in combination with a new crankshaft (containing 12 counterweights).

The Ford engineers were able to extract an extra 16 additional kilowatts from an already efficient 4.0 litre engine.

With peak power of 157 kW (at 4900 rpm), this incarnation of the Falcon six comes close to matching the 5.0 litre V8's 165 kW!

Even the torque for the 6 was nearly compatible, now being 357 Nm compared to 388 for the V8.

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Posted 1834 days ago
Hey, steven your not wrong about that mate they are a sweet ride haha, I have and Ef XR6 as well but an auto. Still moves quick though and its probably one of the best handling cars ive ever drove in my life. After 2 rebuilds ive never doubted them.
Posted 1835 days ago
love my ef xr6..the thing flies 5 speed great looking car
Posted 1943 days ago
I've had an EF for just on 2 years. It was a one owner car with lowish kms (100,000). Initially I had problems with the cooling system as it was bought to low a full size caravan. But slowly I have overcome those issues, via a 3 core radiator, new water pump and electric fans. It is a comfortable, smooth riding car with good torque. It isn't a sports car by any means, but it cruises well and feels solid on the road. It still looks good too.
Posted 2068 days ago
hi, i have been thru a few cars over past years. till i bought ef 95 wagon. She's reliable, comfortable and pretty damn fine car for an old girl.
Posted 2119 days ago
hey guys i own an el only just got my Ps i was a holdeen man and the el converted me i have since lowered it put on sum 18in chomies and converted my auto to manual it rocks
Posted 2178 days ago
i have owned "95 wagon,done 500,000km,very comfortably,great car,reliable and quick.
Posted 2180 days ago
damn good car, possibly one of the most reliable ever made.
Posted 2183 days ago
i love my fairmont its great though i have done alot of modifications it is a very good car
Burger McCartney
Posted 2191 days ago
oh and i want to add that the top speed is actually just over 220 km/h but thats only if its tripping out and something goes wrong with the speed restrictor =S
Burger McCartney
Posted 2191 days ago
i own an EF and agree that the idea of no grill is kinda feminine so im putting an EL touring car body kit on it to beef it up a bit
and even after 14 years its still keeps up with newer model holden v8s so im pretty happy with it
John Gibson
Posted 2201 days ago
The front of the EF looks a bit feminine,not having a proper grill. The EL corrected this with a grill of sorts and chunkier frontal styling. In a way the Falcon died after the EL. Sales have slipped south since that model was farwelled and may never recover. I read the latest sales figures recently and nearly brought up my VB-the Falcon is in serious strife.
Posted 2270 days ago
i think that with out the limiter on the falcon it max's @ 260 or so, but around 200 the tailshaft snaps as its not balanced for such speeds
Posted 2280 days ago
Actually the Top Speed of 180km/h specified is correct as the vehicle is speed limited to 180km/h.
I believe that some of the aftermarket chips remove this limit, but I don't know what the car is capable of without this limit.
Posted 2280 days ago
This is incorrect with the max. speed!!! I have a ZJ Fairlane with a 4.1L crossflow double barrel carby and it does 170km/h and its only 100-110kw so a 157kw engine would easily do 200km/h+
Posted 2367 days ago
The ef falcon is is a sturdy, relatively reliable car. my main concerns with maintenence would be small coolant leaks, short lived suspension, and brakes. But all can be remedied by using top shelf components. The ef responds well to exhaust and intake modifications, but it does result in a slight drop in low - end torque.
Posted 2442 days ago
Yes, 4 speed auto.
jack d
Posted 2443 days ago
Yup it was a 4 speed auto - the 3 speed hasn't been seen since the '88 and '89 EA's, I believe it was an EA 30th anniversary model that first came out with a 4 speed auto in 1990.
Posted 2445 days ago
im a ford man but i dont like the ef as much as the older falcons coz it looks to sporty but i would definly take an ef over any holden
Posted 2587 days ago
You guys might as well have the review for the EL Falcon by now as it was an end of an era for Ford when they were on top untill the AU flop.
Posted 2588 days ago
Wasn't it a 4 speed auto ?
nic schriever
Posted 2600 days ago
The Ford's are the best. The EF is one of the best cars ever made.
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