Ford Falcon XR

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Ford Falcon XR

Ford Falcon XR

1966 - 1968
6 cyl. & V8
2.4 litre / 3.3 litre / 4.7litre V8
121 bhp (3.3 litre)
3 spd. man / 2 spd. auto
Top Speed:
Number Built:
3 star
Ford Falcon XR
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Whereas the previous four ranges of Falcon tended to follow styling trends set by their full size US parent cars, and were marketed with reference to the "Thunderbird", it was decided with the new XR range, which again followed a US design, to instead capitalise on the phenomenal success of the Mustang.

Bigger but with a tighter turning circle, the XR was both agile and, in many respects, more minamilist in style to the former Falcon models. Copying the Mustang's styling meant giving the car the familiar coke bottle style line, along with a long bonnet and short boot cue, but retaining the traditional round tail lamps.

The result was a car that was modern and handsome and while the two door hardtop model disappeared, this was more than compensated for by the arrival, for the first time in the Australian Falcon, of the 289ci (4.7litre) V8 and some serious horsepower.

Best of all for those who preferred the "3-On-The-Tree" manual transmission, the XR now came with syncromesh, although this was only offered as an extra cost option.

The Futura models were replaced by the 500 designation, it fitting neatly between the standard Falcon and upmarket Fairmont. Seatbelts were fitted as standard equipment for the front occupants, however as a lap type only (although again for a price you could option the far safer lap-sash type).

In 1968 the XR model began the legend that was to be the GT. This family car muscled out 225 bhp thanks to the 289 Windsor V8. Understated in style, the original XR Falcon GT's were only sold in one colour - Gold. Apart from the colour, it was somewhat difficult to tell it apart from the lesser sedans.
XR Falcon 500

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Posted Recently
The smaller of the 6 cylinder motors was the 'Pursuit 170' (cubic inch), which works out to be about 2.8 litres, not 2.4 litres as stated here. My father bought a new V8 XR Falcon 500 in 1966 for $3,050.
Posted Recently
I was 15 and just started work, my boss bought one brand new in a wagon. It had the Super Pursuit motor and I fell in love with fords from that day on. A year later he bought 2 more Falcons in the XT form a ute and a 221 wagon... the ute was an absolute ripper and was in the business for 30 hard years work.
Posted Recently
I grew up watching these models in SPIPPY. As a point of interest, the pilot episode -made in 1966-was the only episode were a V8 powered wagon was used. All the following eps used a wagon powered by the standard 'six'. For the later eps(1968/69) they updated to the XT model-again in six cylinder guise. These models looked great when new.
Posted Recently
this car was great exept for the brakes but heah who needs brakes with a car life this hi tracy
Tracey ford chick
Posted Recently
awesome XR8
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