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Holden Commodore VR

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Holden Commodore

Holden Commodore VR

1993 - 1995
6 cyl. & V8
3.8 litre EFI V6; 5.0 V8 EFI
130kW (V6) & 165kW (V8)
5 spd. man & 4 spd. Turbohydramatic
Top Speed:
Number Built:
0 star
Holden Commodore VR
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The VR Series was more than a simple facelift of the VP, the only body panels being carried over being the roof and door skins.

The shape was now softer and more aerodynamic, and with additions such as the first Australian built car to offer a driver's airbag, the VR was unquestionably superior in every department over previous iterations.

While the newly introduced Acclaim (and Calais) had the air-bag fitted as standard equipment, it was made available across the range at a (for the time) extremely affordable $990.

To further improve safety, webbing clamps were fitted to the front seats, while a lap/sash seat belt was provided for the centre rear passenger. The Acclaim also boasted ABS and IRS as standard.

There was also a new electronic automatic transmission, and a new engine/auto computer module (IPCM 6) which, boasting a larger capacity memory module which proved considerably faster than the previous model.

Now standard on all models were the body computer, power mirrors, tachometer and gas bonnet struts.

There was a new security system, and some minor improvements to the V6, making the engine both smoother and marginally more powerful, while reducing fuel consumption.

The interior benefited from a softer looking dash and instrument panel, a smaller diameter steering wheel, while the VR was now fitted with a tilt/telescopic steering column adjustment.

The VR Series II was introduced in September 1994, and boasted a plethora of improvements such as
  • Convex passenger side rear mirror
  • Speed Alert
  • Warning chime for handbrake on
  • Fuel low warning light and chimes
  • Superior cloth trim
  • Red trim on the boot rather than grey (Executive only)
  • Black grill inserts (Executive)
  • Series II badges under the front side indicators
  • V8 optioned cars were fitted with a different starter motor
  • New exhaust manifold for V6 models (in an attempt to make it quiet
Most revered (apart from HSV models) was the SS, naturally enough fitted with the 5.0 litre V8, although you could option it with a HSV enhanced unit good for 185kW. The SS featured an integrated brake light within the rear wing, along with an aerodynamically designed rear bumper. The grille was blacked out, and featured red highlights, while fog-lamps were integrated into the front bumper.

For the upmarket Holden’s the VR Statesman’s received new front and rear end treatments, now clearly differentiating them from the rest of the Commodore range. While the V6 was made available to the Statesman with the VQ series, with the VR series Holden now made it also available to the Caprice.

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Posted 3 days ago
loving the banta so i am new at this go easy on me haha ,but recently bought my first V8 commodore had a afew vl,vp,hq and hd but all 6cyl this is a vr the only ford v8 i had was an xc wagon 351 it was sweet i hope i end up loving this vr as much as i did with the xc the body shape is not that flash on vrs so what can i do wheel wise not into low profiles just what smooth good looking ride not too spend $$$$$ any suggestions motor and running gear real tight just want car looking mean instead of stock ?
Posted 138 days ago
The ultimate bogan car. &, by the way,the ford 6 is head & shoulders above the v6. Supercharged v6's are crap, nothing more than a hairdryer running of the belt. Talk about ancient technology!
Posted 998 days ago
i have a 94 VR Executive. i have owned this car for about 2 month. i installed a new pineer head unit in it, and replaced the dash cluster, and now my dash, and gear shifter lights wont work. ive checked the fuses and they are all fine. can some give me some advise.. anything i coud try
Posted 1005 days ago
I have a 1994 5.0 vr executive in really nice condition with only VE 18in rims and a cat back exhaust and fe2 suspension being the only mods. What great car, it's really awesome to drive and the surge of power is really there when the foot hits the pedal. Further, i think over the next few years we are going to witness less and less of these cars on the road which will make the surviving cars all that more desirable.
Posted 1088 days ago
I have had 3 VS Sedans over the past 12 years, 1st was a 96 S1 V6 Executive, Great Car, it had over 300 000k on it, my olds had a Camry with 240 000k on it and nothing but dramas,but my VS caught on fire so i sold it, it was a gas line blow out. Then i got a96 S1 Clubby, it was ok but prefer the V6, got just as much grunt and better on fuel, cheap rego, I sold the Clubby and now have a 97 S2 Acclaim and this car is by far a better vehicle then the previous two, it drives and handles beautifully, great on juice to,i hired a 2009 XR6 about a year ago, it was nice to drive, had a fair bit of grunt but was heavy on juice.
Posted 1141 days ago
My VR has covered 265,000 Kilometers, just recently towed out 16ft caravan around rugged Tasmania, still returned good economy and did not miss a beat...what a prize vehicle...
Posted 1237 days ago
yes the vr series 1 acclaim comes with irs and u can tell if u no what a solid diff looks like irslooks like 2 cv arms out of the diff housing
Posted 1270 days ago
I have a holden commodore vr 1993 model does this vehicle come with IRS...How am I to know if it has IRS?
Posted 1395 days ago
stop *** tinbg on the old 6, dumb ford lovers all talking crap on it, super charged S- pack rapes a XR-6 turbo.
S-pack beats a XR-6 and the SS beats the XR-8 let alone the GTS
ive seen it. first hand from inside the ford
Posted 1480 days ago
I just bought a commodore executive 1994 VR off my mate and i am finding it a bit of a b**tch, i am having troubles with low revs. It is an automatic but as i reach to a stop or under 20kms/ph i find that when I accelerate it is not doing its job, whether its the lack of transmission fluid or that the gears are sliding i am not sure. please if you have any idea what it may be or is lemme know.
Posted 1636 days ago
xr8 man would be the way to go
Posted 1817 days ago
let the future decide ,,,,,,what will be more collectable a vr ss or a e watever xr 8 ,,,,,,,only time will tell because cash is king!
make me an offer and this spot is yours!
Posted 1835 days ago
Thankyou mike for your insightfull talkings of the downfalls of the commodores v6 as opposed to the ford inline six. But with everything, what something is on paper is not always how it realates to being in practice. On paper BA xr6 turbos are far superior to a vr commodore, no contest, but in practice on road, when you bring the superior ability of the v6 to rev off the mark as opposed to the low compression of the turbo ford 6, and with ratio's, both diff and gearbox taken into account, it is obviouse why the commodore comes out on top, put a vr up to even a standard non turbo BA on the highway, and the BA will win hands down, but for that sraight off jump through the lights, i have personal experience in a vr auto, vr 5 speed, and a vs 5 speed, the commodore will win, every time, but soon after that, you smell the egg gas of the burning unleaded as the falcon rips past.
shutup tjvr
Posted 1848 days ago
Just admit it the FALCON was TOWING U in the drag and your vr was ON A TRAILER being towed by a falcon support car in the rally!!
AND the burnout comp well lets say all that SMOKE wasnt COMING FROM YOUR VR,s rear wheels it was coming from the ENGINE BAY!
u just to like to think u won that competion
Ford rules.
and re read my comment if ur smart U miGHT NOtice SOMEthinG!!
Posted 1868 days ago
i just spent the last weekend testing my 3.8 5 speed vr against a 4.0 5 speed ef in a three stage challenge: tarmac drag, rally race and burnout comp! much to my mates horror the vr beat him hands down in all three and to make it even worse for him we swapped cars and the vr still came out on top, proving that it wasn't the driver that was better it was the car!! So you can talk stats all you like but unless your not willing to put your car at the lights then shut the f#$k up! SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, AND HOLD EN!!
Posted 1898 days ago
Over the years I've moddified many cars, the one thing I have found is that it matters not the badge on the front but only how large one's wallet is. I believe this to be the ONLY factor in who and what you overtake. Are far as stock cars go, they all ****en *** .... so you can argue about your Mum's shopping trolleys or get out there, grab your wallet and see where it drops you in the true ranking of speed.
Posted 1919 days ago
Ahh here we go....Ladies and Gents the proof we have that a VR is better is some random tool saying he beats BA's with it.
Firstly: The Ford motor has a far superior bottom end compared to a V6. Look at the power and Torque curvs of the two motors. The ford motor is already pumping out beans at 2.5 K
A holden motor has the strenghts and weaknesses inherent to a V6. It has more power (although it doesn't have more power than a ford motor because it's smaller) and it doesnt have as much torque. Thats why you see all these Old grandpas towing caravans hooked to the back of EF and EL Fairmonts and LTD's. It's because they have bucket loads of torque. Bottom line is i'd rather be towing something in a Falcon than a commodore.
Secondly, I doubt that you beat BA's. Look above, the VR commodore produces 130kW, by comparison an EF produces 157 kw. Sure the falcon is a good 200 kg heavier ( due to the extra reinforcing in the roof i might add to make it more resistant to damage from rolling) But an EF has waaaaaayy more torque as well.
For example the following: 357Nm @ 3000 rpm.
Compared to this a VR has
295 Nm @ 3200 RPM
So, not only does it have less torque, it's also reached later in the rev range.
And this is only an EF. I call bull *** that you beat BA's. Considering a car that is probably 12 years older I can't see how this is supposed to happen. It's like comparing a VK to a VR. There is no comparision.
Posted 1921 days ago
Bull *** a ef is ahead of a vr, sure, the trans in the vr's is a little soft, but the motors rape the older ford inlines, the older inlines have the bottom end launch of wet carpet, drink petrol like it's the 50's and are as unreliable as *** , my vr 5 speed thrashes BA XR6 turbo's through the lights and makes even BA naturally aspirated 6's look like grandpa specials at 100kph +, all the mods i have done is ss induction and 2 1/2 inch exhaust, my mate has an auto with same mods and his does just as well.
Posted 1923 days ago
Agree with Tom. I own a EF GLi and it drives beautifuly, VR's *** compared to EF's. The interior is streets ahead in the EF and in my opinion you can't beat a straight six. At least the sound good when they are revved as well, V6's sound like a molestered badger when they rev, they just hiss. If i want something with a massive torque and power curve I don't see how you can go past the EF. Not to mention that the EF had an epic gearbox and driveline, better than a gerbox sourced from a D6 dozer don't you think ? Face it, the only thing holdens have ever trumped fords in is looks, mechanically the ford is a better car, it's even AUSTRALIAN, a word which seems to have become foreign to you holden fanboys.
Posted 1940 days ago
hahaha all these holden fags on here can lick my ef falcon's big left testicle when it hangs on your windscreen. lol Seriously you have no idea what your talking about. Vr's have a place but they are fair *** , the vs was heaps better and nearly a match for the ef.
Posted 1948 days ago
I own a supercharged V8 VR and I love the way it looks, sounds and slides sideways. The VR has handled the power of the engine well and I use this as my daily!
Posted 1953 days ago
umm hi there just to let you know if yo get a 1993-95 vr commodore and a 1995 ef falcon all stock v6 or v8 and see what wins hands down the vr is a much better car for the year then ford was and yer mabey a eb xr6 can beat a vr but look how long it took ford to find a car that can..
Posted 1953 days ago
umm hi there just to let you know if yo get a 1993-95 vr commodore and a 1995 ef falcon all stock v6 or v8 and see what wins hands down the vr is a much better car for the year then for was and yer mabey a eb xr6 can beat a vr but look how long it took for to find a car that can..
Posted 1960 days ago
HI there people believers of old cars hold up better in an accident than new cars, sorry to burst your bubble but i would preffer a brand new chevy than any old one for safety but would love a old version for pure styling , so you will want proof .
you tube this 59 chevy vs 2009 chevy malibu.
you will see clearly that old is not allways better, but some times better looking and lass reliable ,
note parts for old cars is becoming as hard as the price you pay for the car itself, good luck.
my nephew went and brought a ford six then turbo'ed it . we have worked out is far cheaper just buying the turbo version and getting resale value back on a real model not mock , but gho with what you feel as its your life n money, and maybe your girlfriend will be mine after she gets bored with you screaming at your mock job not the real deal. thanks for your time , thanks shano,
Posted 1976 days ago
dave u r a tool mate ive got a 93 vr and i can still get her up to 220 225 and i know the big girl has still got plenty 2 giv. just stick 2 ya little rice burners *** head
Posted 1977 days ago
Dave, why dont you grow up and wake up and then come back into the REAL world. 235kph in a 16 year old car is nothing. Obviously as long as its not a rust bucket as has been looked after, it would be as strong, if not stronger than a new car. I have a HR Holden and a 1957 Chev, which i often see that kind of speed. The HR sees that speed every weekend, and the '57 probably once a month. And both of those cars are well over 16yo.
jason c
Posted 2050 days ago
Own a 94 vr ss motor has been tricked up and runs 12.54 quatermile and I still use her as my daily driver !
Posted 2086 days ago
jake, you must be an idiot. 235 kmh in a 16 yr old car ! Grow up.
payin on dickheads
Posted 2138 days ago
to adrian and rick....
you 2 are the biggest hero's out hey
racing 6's in your big 8's
grow some balls and race some other 8's or have you both got small man syndrome lol
Posted 2148 days ago
Having driven fords for years including a done up Xd and more recently an EL until it got written off, I changed to Holden and got a VR. It is now my baby and has way more guts than my Fords ever did. There is so much more to do with these cars to customise them than my old granny Ford EL. Will never go back to Ford ever again.
Franz chong
Posted 2149 days ago
never owned one but drove one as a crash repairers loan car.What a barge I couldn't wait to get the Nissan Tiida I normally drive back after a week
Posted 2190 days ago
I have a late 1993 VR Berlina with 264000 km on the clock and has been a fantastic vehicle. only now are major problems starting to occur. front oil seal in the tranny has gone, which means a new tranny, but the car is still on its ORIGINAL tranny and motor. these vehicles will last longer than 180000 km if you look after them
Posted 2210 days ago
Posted 2210 days ago
i have a vr v6 statesman i put a 5 speed in it its around 1700kgs bein a statesman and i have yet to find a none turbo falcon thay can beat me also it can hit 235kmh bouncing off revlimiter thats off the clock let see a stocko falcon do that!
Posted 2236 days ago
i got a 5 ltr vr, n boy i only got exhaust for it, smokin ur ford xr6'6 like a pack of ciggarettes
Posted 2254 days ago
owned my vr for 4 years never let me down done 220k. luv it comfy grunty and good on feul for a big car! fords have to put turbo's on there motors to get any power get a grip aye! put a turbo on a 3.8 and look out!!!! but we dont need them!
Posted 2258 days ago
i personally own a VR II Calais, V8 of course and i beat new XR6 Falcons let alone EF pieces of crap. So before you go bagging out the car, try being in one thats decent!!!!!
Posted 2278 days ago
Holden Fans! pay attention. Every Vr out of the factory, v8 and HSV's are all slower than an eb II XR6. Ahh thats all. Befor buying a Vr for a 'Quick Car" maybe you should ask your grannie f she's finished with her old pulsar! lol
Posted 2285 days ago
vr / vs are the biggest rattle trap buckets of junk ever made at 180 .000 ks drive yr charf cutter straight to the local tip spare parts take ya pick .
Ef is a peice of crap !! luke u wouldnt know a good car if it backed over you.
fact is there are still far more ef / els on the road than these buckets of junk
Luke perdon
Posted 2297 days ago
ef is a piece of crap
Posted 2297 days ago
Do yr self a favour kiddies go buy a ef falcon
Posted 2374 days ago
Yeah great car, not! I bet it took a lot longer to get to 215km/h than a real peice of engineering of that era. Old as buggery V6 technology,crappy brakes and suspension. Great car for a P plater these days! thats why there are so much spare parts. Crash`em and burn`em.
Posted 2457 days ago
awsome car heaps of guts and personaly i have seen 215kmph out of the v6 executive
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