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Holden Commodore VS

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Holden Commodore

Holden Commodore VS

1995 - 1997
6 cyl. & V8
3.8 litre EFI V6; 5.0 V8 EFI
145kW (V6) & 165kW (V8)
5 spd man / 4 spd. Turbohydramatic
Top Speed:
Number Built:
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Holden Commodore VS
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The VS represented another Commodore upgrade where the emphasis was on mechanical rather than visual change. On the outside, the VS sported new wheels (or wheel trims for the lower end versions), as well as new badges featuring a revised lion-and-stone GMH emblem, only the third revision since the original 48/215 and makeover for the HQ range.

Mechanical improvements to the V6 would make huge improvements in almost every area – power was increased by 13%, yet fuel consumption was cut by 5%. Helping achieve these amazing figures was a new cylinder block and manifolds, reshaped cylinder heads, lightweight pistons and a small increase to the compression ratio, now at 9.4:1.

Smoother, sweeter and much better than its predecessor, Holden named the new unit the “ECOTEC 3800 V6” – an acronym for Emissions and Consumption Optimisation TEChnology.

The automatic transmission was modified to suit the ECOTEC, now offering even smoother shifts and better response to throttle pressure. All in all the drive-train of the Commodore had matured to world-beating standards. But the Holden engineers did not stop there, providing considerable safety improvements over the VR.

The VS Series was the first Australian built car to offer a passenger's airbag (with a capacity of 120L), while the Bosch ABS system was upgraded to the latest version. Dual airbags were standard on the Calais and Acclaim, but those purchasing the Executive could choose it as an option.

The engineers also made a change to the security system,  allowing you to select either drivers door or all door unlocking, while a rolling security code system was incorporated to improve vehicle security.

So little was changed on the outside that it is sometimes difficult to identify a VS over a VR – to do so look for the revised Holden emblem, ECOTEC badge located under the indicator lights and silver insert around the edge of the front grille opening.

There was a slight styling change to the top edge of the boot, and the Calais was now fitted with 16 inch alloys, and came standard with fog lights and a two-tone paint job. And last, but not least, the VS sported revised wheels or wheel covers.

In April 1995 the VS Statesman and Caprice models were introduced, and featured all the mechanical improvements incorporated into the Commodore range. In June 1996 the VS Commodore Series II was released, the update having refinements to the V8 engine providing both more torque and power (the power now up to 168kW), as well as producing a quieter idle. The V6 remained unchanged, except for the manual gearbox which was now a Getrag unit.

A minor cosmetic change would see the side indicator lights replaced with better looking oval shaped units, but the big news with the Series II was the introduction of a supercharged V6, available on the Calais, Statesman and Caprice. The interior was given a mild make-over, and from January 1st 1997 Holden changed its new car warranty to 3 years / 100,000 km.

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Posted 85 days ago
I have a 96 VS and Drive takes 2 seconds to engage is there a fix eg service adjustment ect to correct this condition?
Posted 257 days ago
Hi, I have a 96 VS Holden Calais which is still standard. It seems to have an intermittent fault where the stereo shuts down but still has power to it and if the car is parked and l0cked / alarmed with the key remote the alarm will sometimes go off on its own. Has anyone had the same or similar situation with theirs and can give me some info on what is wrong and what is required to solve this issue?
Cheers Gene.
Posted 292 days ago
i have a 99 series 3 ute goes hard but if i drop it sideways around a corner it looses all power then i basicalyy just clutch it and of it goes again can anyone help
Posted 361 days ago
I got 97 vs ute series 2auto third. gear free reves and engine light ison. done filtre in box
Posted 734 days ago
How do ya get vsfront rotore off??
Posted 759 days ago
afta auto trans 95 vs. stamp reads 6hdd 616hddy15128432, toledo 24201726...there is the no. 23 stamped on the casing.chers.
Posted 908 days ago
i own a 97 series2 vs executive, auto, and keep killing gearboxes(5 of em)...1st gear always grinds within the first 100km then eventually have no gears,no codes have come up, whats going on??????
Posted 924 days ago
where is the speedo sensor located on the getrag gearbox?? can anyone help me out?? cheers
Posted 942 days ago
I have owned a VS SS for the past 14years, I am the second owner and have had little to no trouble with the car, I just recently decided to tart the car back up to its original glory starting with the dreaded headlining. One word of advise, if you are about to tackle this your self buy 1 first and prep this for the change, chances are you will need to reinforce and reshape it a little.
Posted 959 days ago
hi just wanted to know how many vs ss with factory hsv upgrades where built cant find this info anywhere
Posted 985 days ago
Haha I own a 1995 vs executive, a 1995 vs Calais and a 1997 vs statesman, executive is a bucket that gave me nothing but problems and I had it when I was on L's so I barely drove it but it still either wouldn't start or just died, after $1000's spent on it, the vs Calais and statesman both start first time everytime and neither one has ever failed me.. The conclusion: if you want a VS, get a later model one
Posted 1024 days ago
I had a vs Acclaim wagon the fuel tank size is 67L it was a very good car to drive and I still like the look. The paint for the Calais bottom I think is the same as the the VK,VL Calais.
crow cam man
Posted 1039 days ago
hi all im trying to find out how many1997 vs ss commodore sedans were built???i know i have 1 of the last out the door,being april 1997!!!!!cheers,
Posted 1044 days ago
how many vs v8 executives where made cheers
Posted 1063 days ago
what is the size of the fuel tank on a 1997 commodore wagon.
Adam James Rankin
Posted 1089 days ago
just wondering if anyone knows the paint code for the grey on the bottom?
Posted 1093 days ago
Just wondering if anyone knows about a "Limited Edition" (so I'm told) VS Executive. 5spd manual, Panther Mica Black, Gold Badges (came stock on the car) and Statesman rims with the Holden Wreath badges in gold too.
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