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Holden Commodore VT

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Holden Commodore

Holden Commodore VT

1997 - 2000
6 cyl. & V8
3.8 litre ECOTEC EFI V6; 3.8 litre Supercharged V6 & 5.0 V8 EFI
147kW (V6); 171kW (Supercharged) & 220kW (V8)
5 spd. Getrag man & 4 spd. Turbohydramatic
Top Speed:
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Holden Commodore VT
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The VT represented a completely new model for the General, the second major model release since the 1978 VB and 1988 VN.

The basis for the car was the 1995 Opel Omega GM2800 platform, it being redesigned to suit, in turn making the Commodore both wider and longer, and more importantly significantly stronger.

The VT afforded more front and rear leg room, more shoulder room, and the boot capacity was increased by a whopping 26%.

The VT was the first Holden to include a driver's side airbag as standard equipment across all models, while IRS became a standard fitment to both sedans and wagons.

A new traction control system was on the options list, the first in an Australian built car, while a new braking system featured twin piston calipers on the front to reduce pedal travel and brake fade.

In 1998, Side Impact Airbags were introduced, again a first for an Australian car.

Running changes introduced during VT production resulted in later builds being lighter and more fuel efficient than the earlier VT models.

Most notable of the improvements was the VT Series II, which saw the introduction of the Chevrolet Gen III LS1 5.7 litre V8, producing a stonking 220kW and 446Nm.

This engine replaced the aging Holden 5.0 litre V8. Changes were not confined to the engine bay, as a six-speed manual gearbox replaced the five-speed (on the V8).

The VT II Calais received a new instrument panel, and could be optioned to have a supercharged V6 engine. All models featured remote central locking.

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Posted 118 days ago
what does the compliance plate say??? there was no such thing as a VT ute. they where a VS series 3
Posted 129 days ago
My VT SS has a few minor problems, but I love the way it looks, feels & sounds whilst driving it.
It doesn't look like every other bland car on the road today.
andrew mclean
Posted 755 days ago
there is such a thing as a VT UTE - known as ( VS at VT ) - it is a late 1999 to early 2000 build VS SERIES 3 UTE sold as an : S - (179 kw ) or SS ( 195 kw - the first of the SS utes ) factory fitted with the VT 5L with sequential injection and a roller cam - the easiest way to spot one - it is fitted with an airflow meter - the other vs series 3 utes were fitted with a map sensor on the earlier flat tappet 5L 165,168 and 185 kw engines.
Posted 856 days ago
theres no such thing as a VT ute!!! it was sold as a VU and was aimed at the AU ute. which the VU failed too match sales even with its new V8 at the time. ford had big success with the AU ute. compared too holdens big succes with its VT sedan and wagon
Posted 871 days ago
its the inside parts im chasing
Posted 906 days ago
vt are poor quality built cars
i traded it in and got holden captiva lx diesel
best vehicle i have ever had nice and luxurious
excellent handling and your up higher
Posted 1123 days ago
hey chris is it the inside or the outside door handle on your car and how bad is the water in the boot and it may need your right rear drive shaft looked at or replaced that might help cheers.
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