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Holden Commodore VT

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Holden Commodore

Holden Commodore VT

1997 - 2000
6 cyl. & V8
3.8 litre ECOTEC EFI V6; 3.8 litre Supercharged V6 & 5.0 V8 EFI
147kW (V6); 171kW (Supercharged) & 220kW (V8)
5 spd. Getrag man & 4 spd. Turbohydramatic
Top Speed:
Number Built:
0 star
Holden Commodore VT
Reviewed by Unique Cars and Parts
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The VT represented a completely new model for the General, the second major model release since the 1978 VB and 1988 VN.

The basis for the car was the 1995 Opel Omega GM2800 platform, it being redesigned to suit, in turn making the Commodore both wider and longer, and more importantly significantly stronger.

The VT afforded more front and rear leg room, more shoulder room, and the boot capacity was increased by a whopping 26%.

The VT was the first Holden to include a driver's side airbag as standard equipment across all models, while IRS became a standard fitment to both sedans and wagons.

A new traction control system was on the options list, the first in an Australian built car, while a new braking system featured twin piston calipers on the front to reduce pedal travel and brake fade.

In 1998, Side Impact Airbags were introduced, again a first for an Australian car.

Running changes introduced during VT production resulted in later builds being lighter and more fuel efficient than the earlier VT models.

Most notable of the improvements was the VT Series II, which saw the introduction of the Chevrolet Gen III LS1 5.7 litre V8, producing a stonking 220kW and 446Nm.

This engine replaced the aging Holden 5.0 litre V8. Changes were not confined to the engine bay, as a six-speed manual gearbox replaced the five-speed (on the V8).

The VT II Calais received a new instrument panel, and could be optioned to have a supercharged V6 engine. All models featured remote central locking.

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Posted 281 days ago
what does the compliance plate say??? there was no such thing as a VT ute. they where a VS series 3
Posted 292 days ago
My VT SS has a few minor problems, but I love the way it looks, feels & sounds whilst driving it.
It doesn't look like every other bland car on the road today.
andrew mclean
Posted 918 days ago
there is such a thing as a VT UTE - known as ( VS at VT ) - it is a late 1999 to early 2000 build VS SERIES 3 UTE sold as an : S - (179 kw ) or SS ( 195 kw - the first of the SS utes ) factory fitted with the VT 5L with sequential injection and a roller cam - the easiest way to spot one - it is fitted with an airflow meter - the other vs series 3 utes were fitted with a map sensor on the earlier flat tappet 5L 165,168 and 185 kw engines.
Posted 1019 days ago
theres no such thing as a VT ute!!! it was sold as a VU and was aimed at the AU ute. which the VU failed too match sales even with its new V8 at the time. ford had big success with the AU ute. compared too holdens big succes with its VT sedan and wagon
Posted 1035 days ago
its the inside parts im chasing
Posted 1070 days ago
vt are poor quality built cars
i traded it in and got holden captiva lx diesel
best vehicle i have ever had nice and luxurious
excellent handling and your up higher
Posted 1287 days ago
hey chris is it the inside or the outside door handle on your car and how bad is the water in the boot and it may need your right rear drive shaft looked at or replaced that might help cheers.
Posted 1294 days ago
when i'm driving the belt gives out a noisy sound then i deaccelarate for a moment then i have to reaccelerate do i have to buy a new one or get the idle pulley replaced any thoughts thanks
Posted 1367 days ago
Hi, I purchased a brand new VT Olympic edition Commodore in 2000 and have never had any major problems and it was factory fitted with LPG and even this has proved great as I have never been let down by this car. It has done 240k and only had the normal service items changed.The only issue that I hope that any latter Commodores do not have are that all the dashboard indicator lights for heat/cold,fan,speed alert have all blown and the cluster lights and radio are still working. Can anyone assist in how I can gain access and change these bulbs? regards . Winston
Posted 1450 days ago
Hi I must agree with Karen's comments, the VT Berlina (and I would suspect Calais) is the most erroneos/wrong/flawed automobile to hit the Australia streets. All the people I have spoken to whom own a VT share nothing but the same issues and problems. The problems range from throttle body, sensors, power steering, aircond fans, idle/stall/flat spots on acceleration and the list goes on. On top of all this, when you take your vehicle to an 'authorised Holden Dealer' to have it fixed, they have absolutely no idea and do exactly what they ask you not to do. "You haven't fiddled with anything have you?" They are monkeys (feed peanuts, as in $$$) and kept in a cage all day until let out time. Cheap, young inexperienced young individuals who are rule by the $ stick.
Now lets be serious here for at least one minute, Holden would never admit this, but the whole issue come down to poor management, cost cutting and its about executives lining their pockets with $$$. E/one else can go and please themselves.
Anyway, I digress, stay away from any Holden or Ford for that matter. I know people who work for these useless companies, and all they supply is cheap over rated rubbish. Last time I ever buy such a poor quality vehicle. They wont be seeing any more of my money.
Pay the extra and buy Japanese or european if you can afford it.
mr chokes on dick
Posted 1466 days ago
holdens are hectic the only car that matches holdens are the hilux's. im not sure to buy a vt ute or a mini truck hilux???thoughts
Posted 1539 days ago
buy one they have the same engine capacity doesn't matter if it's series 1 or 2 they both have differnet interiors
Posted 1599 days ago
am looking at buying a VT for a family car, any advice on what to look out for from people that have owned these for awhile? And should we stay away from series 1 altogether and go for series 2?? The more I'm reading on it the more conflicting info I'm seeing...
Posted 1608 days ago
I have had 2 VTs series 1 and 2 both from Brand new and Chris' comments are the first to confirm my thoughts on the Boot letting water in.Also, I have snapped the door handle 3 times..wonder if buying another is worth it....and the right rear wheel often spins out on take off. There is nothing machanically wrong to find. But I have had 10 years great motoring in the VT.
Posted 1644 days ago
buy a vs s2 calais sup6 or a vx s2 acclaim sup6,similar price ranges
Posted 1673 days ago
Very good car Mechanically, have had the car for about 2 years and no major problem, only minor problems like, door handles snapped, and poor make of the boot letting water wen opened if wet.. also rear right wheel sometimes spins out on take off, mechanic cant find anything wrong, has anyone had the same problem ?
Holden pride
Posted 1685 days ago
i own a series 1 VT Commodore V6 Ecotec, had it for about 8 years now and still running awesome, so far its n/a with Extractors 2 and a half inch exhaust system with an upgraded flat panel air filter running on premium, runs ***T load better than the standard specs and slightly more efficient, cant wait to modify the gearbox and computer, and hopefully down the track a Turbo kit or supercharger kit. HOLDENS RULE fords ARE CRAP!!!!!!!!!
Posted 1746 days ago
looks like you got a lemon mate i got a s2 Berlina 5.7 v8 ive had no probs had here for 3 years only 205k on the clock shes lowered on a set of ve hsv 20's not long till the vortec supercharger comes for her so yeah treat it right and it wont *** ya around
Posted 1746 days ago
I have a VT Berlina got it second hand I like it but it has been nothing but truble
Posted 1805 days ago
yes the vt v8 the 5ltr version not the 5.7 ls1 will fit straight into ur vn to vt
Posted 1808 days ago
any one know if the vt v8 will fit into a vs?
Posted 1818 days ago
I have a Series I VT wagon and The handling for a car this size is fantastic. The V6 is good on fuel considering the power and torque created. The general build quality especailly the interior trim is a let down though, Would love to get a Series II apparently a lot of the quality issues were sorted by then.
Posted 1872 days ago
Will a vs v6 manual bell housing fit onto a vt v6
Posted 1880 days ago
i have a vt s pak s/c very smooth to drive put exh and extractors on it and it goes alot better getting pulley soon take it up to 10 pound cant wait its sounds very good at full noise and keeps up with gen 3 already very underestimated car i was told they were slow but unless you own one or been in one you wouldnt know regards to all
Posted 1904 days ago
i totally agree with brett & nik.
VT series two 2000 model Commodore executive I'm very happy with it. IT IS A GREAT PERFORMENCE CAR.
AND I AGREE WITH FORD SUCKS The Ford Falcon Au is the biggest *** box of em all. and james you can go play with your *** *** falcon or even better cover it in fuel and burn it that's about all there good for and have any of you out there got any idea's where i could find a cheap steering rack and rails from in Queensland if you do it would be greatly appropriated thanks
Posted 1904 days ago
i totally agree with brett & nik.
the first car i owned was a VB Holden Commodore which was another OK build but i really hated the steering it was like parking a army tank when i hard to reverse park it.
but now that i have a
VT series two 2000 model Commodore executive I'm very happy with it.
apart from having to replace the
Radiator & Shokies that cost me $1000 for both then
i had to replace the Tyres which are 225/50 R16 Low Profile
which cost me $520 though a friend of mine.
but i also got
quotes from 2 other Tyer dealers.
dog tyres wanted $620 & Kmart wanted $820
and after i got my tyres fitted and balanced.
one of the guys found out that my steering rails arh stuffed
and that's gonna cost me another $500 to $600 i think to get it replaced.
then they have To balance my car tyres again so yeah it is a costly car to own but i still love the VT HOLDEN COMMODORE.
and as for you james the SHIT BOX OWNER of em all
why the hell Arh you on a Holden web site if you don't like Holden's
any way
the Ford Falcon Au *** 's big time as my friend owns one and he never shuts up about things stuffing up on it so yeah you don't know what your talking about any way FORD = FORGOTEN ON RACE DAY
about the only good ford i can think of is the
BOSS 350 or the FORD COBRA and there the only ford i like so yeah
Posted 1938 days ago
the holden vt commodoore is the best car i have ever owned and i will ever own. but i am a HOLDEN fan
and i whouldint be seen dead driveing any thing else unless i really had to.
any way I OWN A HOLDEN VT COMMODOORE 2000 model
and i had to reaplace my radiator and it had cracked and i also had to have my shokies replaced and it cost me up to $2000
plus i've had other work done on it and it whould of cost me up to $6500 but i am verey happey with it now and its a really good car to drive and it handels well.
and i dont think it's that bad on fuel.
Posted 1938 days ago
the holden vt commodoore is the best car i have owned and i will ever own but i am a holden fan i whouldint be seen dead driveing any thing else unless i really had but any I OWN A HOLDEN VT COMMODOORE AND I HAVE HAD NO TROUBLE WITH IT WHAT SO EVER SO I THINK IN DEPENDS ON HOW PEPOLE TREAT THE vt as some pepole think they can just thrash it and thean they wonder why it start stuffying up on em like derh of course its gonna start stuffing up. its the same thing as if you where treating your freands like dirt you wouldint have em for long
Posted 1973 days ago
to james the ford man....id rather be in a vt series ii super6 than a xr6 *** box.../the only thing thats laughable is your one eyed ford comments...and your face too
Posted 1988 days ago
i had three vt commodores in the 3 years, 2 seriers 1 and 1 seriers 2 all converted on to lpg with a $2500 impco gas system and by far the series 2 has alot more grunt i now drive a 98 series 1 berlina with 225000 km just had to replace water pump and my power sterring pump leakes. i think that the electrics in the berlina make itloose alot of power although the berlina is alot smoother and comfortable to drive, im looking to upgrade to a vy or vz calais but most car yars will only give me about $3000 in trade in i would like to get some peoples response on vwat the vy and vz are like to drive thanks heaps and also a good web site guys keep it up.
Posted 1996 days ago
i own a vt series 1 s it has numerous engine mods and suspension mods and upgraded brakes 154,000 ks ,regulary serviced, only one problem last 3 years water pump, this is a smooth car,can beat most clubsports, regular maintenance on theses cars is the key,as i am a mature driver i treat it with respect .
Posted 2033 days ago
98 BERLINA VT COMMODORE, biggest piece of crap i have ever owned. The problem's are never ending, HOLDEN'S BIGGEST MISTAKE YET!!!!!
Posted 2063 days ago
I have owned my s/c v6 vt for about a year, only problems were coil packs and wanting more power, replaced the packs at $50 each, upgraded to a 11 psi pulley and intercooler happy as Larry now. The only other problem i have is trying to get my vx ss to keep up. This is a good site to, well done.
Posted 2089 days ago
3 of the images displayed are of the VX model, both of the station wagon ones and the red one.
Posted 2096 days ago
God Aaaarrrrrooooonnnnn go *** a lemon you moron. What are you doing on a Holden site if you like bmws. You must be Eurotrash so go home to your mummy.
Posted 2097 days ago
I have had a VT for 7 years and its the biggest heap of crap i have ever owned. Trouble with it overheating, diff bearings went,suspension problems,had to pull the dash out to fix some heater pipe connection,doors sagging,door handles snapped,the list goes on and on, i would love to get rid of it,but its kept me poor
tony . Tozz77
Posted 2098 days ago
Hey fellas , just reading and found it all amusing ..lol in regards to the vt vs au ,,, i have owned both cars , my Au LTD 5l , was a great lazy mans car , great too drive smooth and went rather well considering the weight , only problem with the car was the electrics ,like most , always have issues after time .
now i own a VT ss 11 5.7 six speed , i refer too it as a boys car as i tend to let loose in it time too time it out performs the AU in many areas .. due to being a larger engine , and a manual performance is better as i think it is also aprox 200kg lighter , fuel econ in the Vt is much better by about 150km in the vt per tank , and it has a much smaller tank than the LTD , as for driving long distance i would take the AU over the VT any day as it is a less tiring car too drive , but as for putting your foot flat to the floor , and giving it all , the Vt *** s all over the AU , in all aspects , The two cars are built for totally diff types of driver . i hope this puts some light onto the subject . cheers and safe driving
Posted 2136 days ago
Iv had my vt ss for ten years and never had one problem
Posted 2188 days ago
Aaron you are a faggot
Posted 2225 days ago
One comment showed FORD as "fix or repair daily"... what it actually stands ofr is ..FIRST ON RACE DAYS..
Posted 2284 days ago
The AU is a much better car, every review went the Fords way. Will you get over those stupid cars, drive a sencond hand BMW, then say how well the commodore feels. Do you people have any idea how a car should drive? Heres a clue ........ Not like a commodore, any commodore! As for having the seat lower than the dash board, what is with that? Are you sleeping while driving? Would explain why so many are written off. Or you Holden drivers are the ones with fake licences
Posted 2289 days ago
hi i just bought my vt series II and they are the best cars not like some au falcon ha ha
Posted 2315 days ago
love holdens always had one but must say my vs has been nothing but trouble had it 12 months and spent 3 grand on it and now the transmission has gone not a happy girl dont wont to become a fordy
Posted 2407 days ago
G'day Jack d, its good to see that you are enjoying your VT series 2,
please see my comments on PG1 re: the VS seies 2 compared to the rest. Then you will probably deduce why Holden didn't release a Getrag manual version of the Supercharged 3.8 V6? I guess because it would of enabled aftermarket mods to happen and a 6 cylinder ( XU2 - wish), would have put Ford's & their heavy V8's to shame in straight line performance & handling. To go fast "Keep it light and keep it quick!!
Posted 2408 days ago
VTII is a great car had since new no problems so far only one question whats with the doors moving try everything to fix no luck
jack d
Posted 2447 days ago
Easy to see who owns a Series I and who owns a Series II - Series II (identified by clear indicator lenses) has much sharper throttle response and in real world driving feels much gruntier than the Series I though I think the 0-100 times flat out are pretty similar. But even the most die hard Holden fan has to admit the idea of a semi-trailing arm IRS similar in design to a Datsun 180B is laughable unless you like the idea of the camber angles changing every time you up it; chewing out the edges of your rear tyres...
Posted 2470 days ago
Poor James, typical ford man can't even find the ford site.
Posted 2478 days ago
I had been a holden man since i brought my first car a 64 EH wagon and i have had four holdens since and the VT is the best one i have driven in all the years i have been driving
Posted 2478 days ago
I had been a holden man since i brought my frist car a 64 EH wagon and i have had four holdens since and the VT is the best one i have driven in all the years i have been driving
Posted 2482 days ago
Holden VT is a great car, very smooth on the road, had no prblems with mine. I have the olympidc edition and it is the best car i have owned.
Posted 2486 days ago
to be fairi agree with brett. James is obviously no machanic and a ford fan which is.............ok FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily
Posted 2492 days ago
Exellent car with great power, reliability and style. had mine for a while now and have had basicaly no problems besides the power steering pump giving in which was cheap to replace . this is a very tough and safe car, believe me i know, mine managed to write off another car and had basicaly cosmetic damage plus a single bar at the front that needed to be pulled out and straightened. exellent first car. I would have to disagree with some of the comments below about the car being slow off the mark, my stock VT beat my mates 05 subaru impreza not only off the line but traveling up a hill with an extra 5-600 kilos on his car. Oh and ignore james, lets just say he's another envious little green ford fan....
Posted 2506 days ago
good reliable car motor will do many kms if serviced reguarly.
high trye wear is a proplem though
Posted 2562 days ago
A great Car - had the VT wagon for 10 years and also had a Ford EA wagon for 12 years and the VT was vastly superior in performance and reliability.
Posted 2597 days ago
being a mechanic and owing a vt i can say from experience yes they do ave their problems like any car. while for where still in the solid beam axles (old skool, can't handle burnouts for *** ), holden already relised the irs. to stop inside tyre wear install a camber kit. they are slow off the mark but yet again its heavier to the vs. mechanically a good car. my car gets a thrashing n never misses a beat by doing regular servicing(evry 5000K) using premium mainly following manufactures specs has had no major probleem.
Posted 2607 days ago
A very crappy car which only sold well because of the AU Falcon's controversial styling. Not only was the V6 models slower than the L6 Falcons it was also slower than it's predecessor. The Supercharged V6 put out a laughable 171kW compared to 172kW in the naturally aspirated XR6 Falcon and the LS1 while increasing horsepower over the old 304ci had a noticeable lack of torque and shocking reliability. The IRS on the VT was also shocking leading to premature rear tyre wearing and the steering would be best described as vague. Overall another poorly handling and poorly built Commondore inferior to the Falcon.
Big Jim
Posted 2607 days ago
An interesting car. Looks good, runs well. no big mechanical problems so far (touch wood). but god it's slow off the mark - even compared to the VS. You gotta shove your foot thru the floor to get it running fast.
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