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Holden Commodore VX

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Holden Commodore

Holden Commodore VX

2000 - 2002
6 cyl. & V8
3.8 litre ECOTEC EFI V6; 3.8 litre Supercharged V6 & 5.7 V8 EFI
152kW (V6); 171kW (Supercharged) & 225kW (V8)
5 spd. Getrag man / 4 spd. Turbohydramatic /
6 spd. manual on SS sedan
Top Speed:
Number Built:
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Commodore VX
Holden Commodore VX
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The VX, while looking very similar to the VT, had some significant improvements. The V6 was upgraded, and put out an improved 152 kW @ 5200 rpm - along with much better fuel efficiency. This was due to an upgraded engine management system which allowed individual spark control on each cylinder, and a new inlet manifold. The V8 was also upgraded and now boasted a healthy 225 kW @ 5200 rpm.

These improvements to the V8 were courtesy of a new inlet manifold, injectors and upgraded engine management system. The auto transmission was also recalibrated. The Supercharged V6 was made an option on Executive and Acclaim models. The VX had a dual damper drive shaft, with rubber couplings on each end to help fuel economy and minimise vibration.

The front suspension was modified slightly, with lower control arm pivot points raised by 4mm and a ball joint replaced a rubber bushing on the stabiliser to strut link. ABS brakes (Bosch 5.3) were standard on all models, as was a CD player and steering wheel audio system controls. Traction control was made available with the manual transmission.

Monash University Accident Research Centre

Holden had undertaken extensive research with Monash University Accident Research Centre into side-impact collisions, and as a result they modified the B pillar (centre pillar). The result was that the risk of injury in a side-impact collision with no side airbags, was almost half of that in the VT. The main body changes were to the headlights and front grills, and to the tail lights.

The new rear suspension on the Series II - known as Control-Link independent rear suspension (IRS) - had been designed by Holden engineers to combine all the traction qualities of a supple independent rear suspension system with even greater stability, handling precision and control. Control-Link IRS featured extra link arms which assisted in keeping the car precisely on track over bumps and during strong acceleration, deceleration or braking. Its benefits were particularly noticeable in challenging cornering situations.

By improving rear grip and keeping the vehicle on a tighter line, Control-Link IRS assisted drivers to negotiate corners and bends more confidently. The suspension packages across the Series II Statesman and Caprice model range had been totally re-tuned to complement the rear suspension changes, further enhancing stability and ride comfort. Revised steel belt tyre construction also contributed to a sharper and more accurate steering feel. All Series II models were equipped with new stalk controls for indicator, wiper and cruise control functions. The cruise control was operated using a more intuitive twist switch mechanism instead of the previous button system.

Commodore VX SS

The Commodore SS introduced the option of striking coloured leather interior trim, specifically designed to complement exteriors finished in Red Hot and the brilliant new Hyper yellow. The Commodore SS customised colour theme extended to instrument clusters, metallised console fascias and seat trims. Calais buyers could also choose new colour-keyed leather trim - in Cobalt, Light Shale and Dark Red - to harmonise with and complement exterior colours. The Calais centre console and instrument fascia were finished in metallic silver.

Stylish black leather trim also joined the option list for Commodore S, SS and Calais. Commodore Executive and Acclaim featured new micro-check patterned trim on the head restraints and seat bolsters. With the introduction of the Series II model range, grey-toned interiors were now finished in the darker shade of Anthracite. Berlina and Calais featured distinctive new grille inserts with diagonal crosshatching and new rear badges; Calais headlamps were outlined with sporty black bezels; Commodore Executive and Acclaim had revised grille treatments and new wheel covers. For added security, Commodore Executive, Acclaim, S and SS models were fitted with an alarm system, operated via remote control Power Key, which sounded the vehicle's horn when triggered.

Holden Assist

Berlina sedans and wagons offered the convenience of twilight sentinel which automatically turned headlamp controls on and off. Holden underlined its commitment to technological leadership and to satisfying customer needs with the introduction of the Holden Assist in-car communications system as an option offered to Calais buyers. Combining mobile phone and global positioning system technology, the system put drivers in direct phone contact with the Holden Assist Centre, which was manned 24 hours a day and offered a range of support services. The Holden Assist system could also remotely unlock doors on command, diagnose low battery voltage, detect unauthorised entry, track and immobilise the vehicle if stolen and automatically notify authorities of an airbag deployment.
2001 Holden VX Calais

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Jane Marie
Posted 124 days ago
I have a v8 commodore ute which has a grinding noise. Have had the gearbox fixed twice, but didn't fix the prob. Worse when car is hot and can cause a jockeying affect, something like taking off badly in a manual car. Does anyone have any ideas? Have had the ute since new and don't want to get rid of it if I can get it repaired. PS. the manual called this model a VU.
william holden
Posted 203 days ago
just bought a 2001 VX Commodore s, love blowing off asian invasion cars
Posted 508 days ago
i have a 2001 vx berlina and it does the same as your car does sharon cant seem to find the problem aswell.
Posted 515 days ago
can anyone help....I have a 2002 vx commodre wagon that gives a chugger when going up slight hills or out on the highway between 80 and 100km when you want to put your foot down toover take. I have had the leads..plugs..coils..petrol pump and filter replaced and now the plate that sits under the coils replaced.....STILL CHUGGERING!!!
Posted 665 days ago
I have a 2001 vx that has a flat battery & has shut itself down does anyone know how I can get into it as I have tried everything , can't even open the bonnet.
Cheers Rob
Posted 778 days ago
just got a vx paid 4000 just did a trip down south 2000kms did not have a prob drove like a new car
Posted 1083 days ago
i got a black ss for sale nearly done 150k want to sell for 9000 chev powered ring me if u want it in qld 0421980731
Posted 1234 days ago
psi042 wake up to yourself showroom ford will *** on a holden anyday of the week u talk *** that u dont no bbb99 keep it real and fords will always kick arse
Posted 1239 days ago
I Want To Know Where To Find The 3 Fuses can someone show a pic of where they are
Posted 1331 days ago
i want to know where the front drive shaft is located on the vt commodore is it dealing with the steering or the front wheels thanks
Jaan marreiro
Posted 1411 days ago
I got a holden commodore vx 3.8L V6 2001 and I lost the keys, the car kept the alarm turned on, but I could open the car doors, I still got the card with all the security numbers but I can't figure out how to turn the alarm down and make a copy of a new key for the car, I really enjoy this model, very nice, if someone knows what to do, send me an e-mail to marreiroita@ig com.br, thanks.
Posted 1413 days ago
I got a holden commodore vx 3.8L V6 2001 and I lost the keys, the car kept the alarm turned on, but I could open the car doors, I still got the card with all the security numbers but I can't figure out how to turn the alarm down and make a copy of a new key for the car, I really enjoy this model, very nice, if someone knows what to do, send me an e-mail to marreiroita@ig *** .br, thanks.
Posted 1421 days ago
ireciently purchased my vx excetive superchargd a genin 38000kms
for 6500 goeg like a v8 i have put a cruse control n and want to fit traction control .....v3ry happy with te car......
Posted 1623 days ago
Sounds like BBB99 has been sniffing petrol out in the sticks somewhere Prob while he was waiting for his girl friend 2 pick him up in her s2 calais super6 with the $1000 mods & the FUZZY DICE he was talking about earlier Guess he had nothing better 2 do after his ride broke down once again Them old public transport buses they run out in the bush ain't 2 reliable I hear lol Chin up cobber,at least u wouldn't of been waiting 2 long 4 a ride hey Oh b nice 2 your girl friend HATER & stop calling her names,or she might make u walk home next time hill billy p.s Love the xr6t,just put a chevy badge on it & it'l b even quicker HA HA
Posted 1628 days ago
you are all moron's and that dude that said $1000 will kick a fords arse well lets see that done casue im pretty sure your the one driving a bogan car and you'll prob spend that 1000 on fuzzy dice slut's and your beer and no putting your chev badge on it will not make it anynmore quicker it's like someone putting a mazda badge on a ford you are a *** wit if you have a chev badge on your commo actually you are fullstop a BOGAN if you own this car
Posted 1639 days ago
Get a s2 calais sup6/gen3
Posted 1712 days ago
Just bought my vx s pack for 8000 beautiful car only had 130 on th3e clock, looked after, wasnt thrashed lik most manuals, a litlle school teacher cruised around in it, not a mark on the interior i love her ......pity im still only on my l's another 4 months!
Posted 1713 days ago
I currently own the fastest naturally aspirated VX V6 in Australia, 1/4@8.7377. I only spent 15 on mine.
Posted 1967 days ago
spend a $1000 to modify your super 6 ..and youll leave same model ford falcons behind...to keep up the ford one eyed person will have to buy a much later model...and with turbocharging...james you are a fool...you tube awaits you
the man
Posted 1972 days ago
you wanna take my car for a spin, bring extra jocks
Posted 2117 days ago
Aaron i take it you drive a ford or a jap crap import???
Posted 2144 days ago
I've had my VX SS II since new. What a beautiful girl she is! It was a wedding present from my Holden man and although I'm for the Blue Oval I love my SS! Problems with front rotors but other than that, she's been a dream.
Posted 2161 days ago
any one with brake shudder one these needs to remove front discs and put a dial gauge on to find the high side of the front hub as they didnt run true.mark the high side then fit the disc *** e dial gauge again to check disc and then put low side of disc to high side of hub and with a bit of luck it should have less run out. mark the disc and make sure you always reassemble like this.
Posted 2163 days ago
I've had my VX II Acclaim for almost 5 years now and it still starts on first turn and handles like a dream, running on prem unleaded since 33 thou ks I get strong, hard acceleration more than enough to get you out of trouble. love the tight direct handling, and abs which has been a saviour on the odd ocassion, will be holding on to this car for a while.
Posted 2175 days ago
I own a VXII Berlina, 5.7Litre. Beautiful car to drive. I'm 6'3" and I have no probs with leg or head room. Comfortable on long trips. The FE2 suspension is an asset to the car as it really holds the road whilst you are cornering. All the features are excellent and necessary. Very fuel efficient car, I get 9.2 litres per 100km.
Complaints with the car. Fuel gauge is inaccurate, says it is empty when it has 15-20litres left. Horrible fake timber insert in the centre console. Brake shudder from high speeds, problem rectified with ventilated disc. No fog lights on Berlina model, not even an option. Piston Slap coming from the engine, but this hasn't affected the car in anyway and it comes and goes. Gearbox could use a 5th gear which in turn would bring down the fuel consumption.
Considering everything I wouldn't give up my VXII for anything. Recommend this car to anyone.
Posted 2278 days ago
Yeah. . . . RUBBISH! Absolute rubbish! Holdens lucky they sell them so cheap.
Posted 2307 days ago
Bought a Vx11 Sedan with 20000kms .Now has 270000kms. Car has not missed a beat except for some silly electric problem with the spark at 220000kms. have only replace the brakes 3 times and have only had three sets of tyres. been a great car.
Get an average of 9litres /100km best is 7.8 on a trip.
trip computer under estimates travel ,when it says zero there is at least 15 lites in the tank but I have never been game enough to call its bluff.
Only complaint is brake shudder. Have never been able to have it fixed...new discs new pads have made no difference
Posted 2455 days ago
i have a vx series II ss sedan, have had it since new.. excellent to us. only small problems such as diff whine, and piston slap. holden happily fixed problems under warranty and never missed a beat since. we are selling it now as we bought a VE SSV, going even better than the vx so far and is 5 months old. anyone who has a vt/vx series II executive or S pack for sale in QLD, give me a ring, my son is looking for his first. thanks and hope helps
Paul Lodder
Posted 2469 days ago
Have had the VX series 2 sedan since new and have done 120,000 km. Has been reliable and comfortable with only minor irritations. Here's a list of some: Driver's door locking solenoid has broken down x 3 needing replacement each time, petrol gauge has not really worked since new and now reads a quarter full when the tank is empty. That's been a real frustration! Seating is not ideal for tall people - I'm 6'3'' and no matter how I adjust the seat my head still hits the roof! Despite some other minor mechanical issues would highly recommend the car as a cheap 2nd car although petrol costs are becoming a consideration.
kylie sawtell
Posted 2492 days ago
has some problems but what car doesnt take care of them they will you love my vt acclaim shes my power house but is a little slow on the pick up but once shes there she hammers never a disapointment to me .
Posted 2589 days ago
The VX is probably the best looking commodore to date. The 3.8 has more than enough oomph, the four speed is desisive, and the handling seems to be straight out of a sportier car.
The only downsides are an interior that dated quickly and looks cheap, though is well thought out and easy to use.
Like all Oz cars it will last forver, ours is only 5 years old, but has been problem free,
I totaly recomend this car to anyone.
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