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Holden Commodore VY

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Holden Commodore

Holden Commodore VY

2002 - 2004
6 cyl. & V8
3.8 litre ECOTEC EFI V6; 3.8 litre Supercharged V6 & 5.7 V8 EFI
152kW (V6); 171kW (Supercharged) & 235kW (V8)
5 spd. Getrag manual / 4 spd. Turbohydramatic
6 spd. manual on SS ute & sedan
Top Speed:
Number Built:
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Commodore VY
Holden Commodore VY
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The VY represented another large investment by Holden, with refinements to body structure, powertrain and chassis dynamics delivering appreciable improvements in performance, ride, handling, safety and build quality. A new model was also introduced, the SV8, which slotted in below the SS.

The SV8 and SS were powered by the High Output 235kW version of the Generation III V8, with a twin exhaust system. The SV8 featured 17 inch alloy wheels, and the SS now sported 18 inch alloy wheels.

The steering system was revised, it featuring a precise feel and better driver feedback. Interior upgrades included a new instrument panel, centre console and steering wheel, and new design transmission shifter and handbrake. There was also a new mobile phone power outlet under the centre console.

The new instrument cluster featured a large multi-function digital display (single or triple-window, depending on model), which displayed information such as radio station display, PRNDL gear selected indicator, trip computer with stopwatch function, service reminders and a help facility.

Standard features now included "twilight sentinel" automatic headlamp control, headlamps off programmable time delay, high feature Blaupunkt audio systems, road-speed sensitive intermittent wipers and passenger airbags.

The front and rear of the body were restyled, with new front grill and headlamps, and distinctive jewelled tail lamps. Recalibrations and shift revisions improved the performance of automatic transmissions, and V8 transmissions were also upgraded to provide greater durability. Service intervals for V6 engines were extended to 15,000 km.

Major changes introduced with the Series II included; A new high-output GEN III 5.7 litre V8 engine, producing peak power of 245kW @ 5,600rpm, it being standard kit on the Commodore SS sedan, SS Ute, and SV8. The Holden Calais and Berlina models benefited from a GEN III V8 power boost to 235kW @ 5,200rpm. ECOTEC V6, Supercharged V6 and GEN III V8 powerplants were engineered to meet strict new emission level requirements. 245kW V8s gained additional frontal rigidity from a strut brace mounted to the strut towers and spanning the engine bay. All models featured fresh, individual interior trim treatments.

Convenience and comfort features such as cruise control, front power windows and adjustable front seat lumbar support were now standard across the range, and a sunglasses holder and rear reading lamps were now standard fitment on all sedans and wagons. Calais and Acclaim models received the added safety benefit of active head restraints, all models were equipped with audible and visual driver's seatbelt warning, and steering column modifications across the new range assisted in reducing the risk of occupant injury in a frontal crash. Also available for the first time, a tailored, factory fitted sunroof was optional on all sedans.

All wagons were fitted with aircraft-style cargo rails in the rear compartment for extra tie-down security and flexibility, and load-covering retracting roller blinds are standard fitment. Wagons have new jewelled tail lamps with a circular design theme. The Calais took on a more European-accented sports persona.

Stand-out styling accents included a bolder front facia with sports bar grille and hexagonal mesh inserts, black bezel headlamps, lower ride height, SS-style side skirts, 17-inch five-spoke alloy wheels, rear facia skirts and unique tail lamps. Interiors are highlighted by all-black headliner and pillar trim, sports profile steering wheel, unique facia and colour-keyed console surround and suede-finish soft fabric trim.

Extra luxury touches include Caprice-style driver's seat memory settings and heated 'memory' exterior mirrors. When reverse gear is selected, the passenger-side mirror dips to show low level hazards. Berlina models are distinguished by twin fog lamps, black lower facia mouldings and nine-spoke alloy wheels.

More luxurious interior finishes include new monotone seat trim in soft velour, leather-wrapped steering wheel, handbrake and auto shifter and satin chrome highlights. The S and SV8 were also fitted with body-coloured grille and rear licence plate surrounds and spoiler-mounted stop lamps with clear lens.

Both featured new alloy wheels - five-spoke on the S, which receives larger 17-inch wheels, and dual five-spoke on the SV8 - are matched to new-specification tyres, tuned for improved handling and firmer, quieter ride characteristics. Body coloured exterior mirrors and amber indicator lenses also set the SV8 apart.

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Posted 39 days ago
great cars i have a series 2 equipe with 320,000 km on the clock only (outside normal servicing) replaced the radiator and alternator in the 6 years that i have owned
Posted 438 days ago
first time owner of a Holden I have a 2004 vy and I am impressed on how good it goes so quick and powerful I have always had fords we have now got one of each a fairlane and now a commodore .
Posted 696 days ago
This model had a great V6 motor-very responsive and could pull a fully laden Kenworth out of a ditch!! The model after-the VZ with its 3'6 V6 was rather gutless around town,couldn't pull a flea off your cat. The previous VX was the better looker though.
Posted 1042 days ago
in reply to alfa
you obvisouly arent an aussie if you support overseas brands of cars that are *** . Holden Commodores are one of the best cars in Australia that are made in Australia. so keep your dumb ideas that Holden Commodores are arent worth anything to your self!!
Paul Maddick
Posted 1110 days ago
Appologies on reference to Alloytec motors instead of the ECOTEC. My bad
Paul Maddick
Posted 1110 days ago
Bought my VY SS Series 2 Ute 3 years ago with 72K on the clock and love it. Easy to work with. Has been reliable and strong even along these crappy Qld roads. Now with 145K on the clock it still goes well abliet for a few mods to make it go quicker
Lowered to legal height, bigger Holden brakes, 3.9 diff, MAFLess tune and goes very well. No need for forced induction or fancy gay bling bits and it has even retaineded the Holden badges.
"Peter Brook" You should do some homework on V6 engines instead of bagging out an idiot that drives a womans car. The Alloytec (AKA - HFV6) was first tested by Cadillac and Holden who still use these motors today in Autralia and the US. They are a good motor and respond very well with the supercharger option.
so Mr/s Alpha, how much does it cost you to get a service done (on your car)? Oh and spare parts? lol
Posted 1257 days ago
alfa- you are a wanker - buy australian and keep australia beautiful!
peter brook
Posted 1457 days ago
The guy taking about the supercharged v6 being normal is WRONG, get into a standard v6 and go from 0 to 200 and you will see that the supercharged version will kick arse easy, now it will leave that poor alfa romeo for dead, this guy does not know what he is taking about, now about why the guy's car is stalling sounds like you need to clean your injectors or change your fuel filter, worse could be that your fuel pump is getting blocked due to running car on low petol (tank). now to try to quick fit change spark plugs and leads and air filter. cars cant fix themselves so keep them up to date with services or else suffer the effects.
Now back to the guy who does not have a clue about holdens,you have made a joke out of yourself, as not all the engines are buick , chev engines were used so do your home work. now back to your alfa, i dont see that beating 400hp. so i can see clearly that your alfa is the real whore, a womans car.
Posted 1502 days ago
These supercharged v6 commodores are just a normal V6 tuned to lessen the power then they go and put a supercharger on it to make your *** feel big. They are a joke and a *** ing waste of money(THE ENGINE IS FROM BUICK NOT CHEV, SO FUCK OFF WITH THE CHEV BADGES.) These superchared v6's don't blow wind up my alfa romeo arse. such a joke,everyone thinks they are good, they handle like a dog and go like a slug. iam from australia and these commonwhores are a waste of space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 1577 days ago
for the stalling problem mate check the wiring harness to the traction controll module located on ur diff had the same problem with my vx berlina mechanics and auto sparkys were stumped on it for ages
Posted 1612 days ago
i have a vy 2004 ss and when i stop at lights or stop sign in gear
it stalls,has anyone know what it may be as nothing shows up
on the computer print out on engine managment system.
Posted 1625 days ago
2 Andy In Australian,the word snob means WANKER In Australian the word wanker means LOSER,IF people DON'T like commodores or people who drive them,then DON'T look them up YEAH
Posted 1640 days ago
It is for a holden Vy 03
Posted 1640 days ago
Im after a white plastic strip thing that runs along the driver door... does anyone know how much they aswell
Posted 1644 days ago
I have a 6 stacker i took out of my VY SS a couple of months ago.
contact my on dezzie22@bigpond *** *** if you still want it.
Dez 0417695222
Posted 1644 days ago
I have a 6 stacker i took out of my VY SS a couple of months ago.
contact my on dezzie22@bigpond *** *** if you still want it.
Posted 1664 days ago
In Australian, the word Commodore means.."Car of the Bogan"
In Australian, "Bogan" means person of the west or "Meathead".
Posted 1837 days ago
I am chasing a new 6 stacker holden stereo for my vy ss ute. Can anyone assist me?
I love this care and dont want to bastardise the dash
Adam W
Posted 1840 days ago
I have a VY SS beast, 6 speed manual. Took it out on a track day at Pukekohe Race way. Up against heaps of Fords. I was the only Holden. The XR6 turbo was very fast and I could not reel him in down the back straight but was catching up slowly after 160ks. That was up till the xr6 blew the transmission line off. HA HA. I thrashed and thrashed my commodore all day and it just kept coming back for more. Love it. Great car. Great ride. Great buy. Out of eight fords I was consitantly the most fast car all day (the Holden). Watched three fords blow up and taken away on trailors. I drove home and off to work the next day singing the cars praises. Speed isnt everything. To finish first, first you must finish.
Posted 1886 days ago
Where I once worked we had ability to salary sacrifice a range of cars. I remember swapping cars for a weekend, a VY SS with my XR6 turbo. The cars where in a different class.The SS was slower than the Xr6 below 3000 rpm, over that closer but still slower, rode like a billy cart and sounded like a hoover upright with a full bag. The difference was the XR6 turbo was a proper sports car, the VY SS a Commodore Exec with a V8 and rock hard suspension. Holden has lifted its game since, the VE is a nice car, but the VY was a half hearted attempt at a performance car.
Posted 1910 days ago
I purchased a one owner VY SS in white with 68000 k's on the clock. All I can say is fantastic. It has never skipped a beat and you can basically blow away anything in it, talk about ballsy. I love it and I hope to keep it for a long time. For a car with full leather and all the options and power to boot you cant go wrong.
Posted 2136 days ago
i have owned my vy ss for about 14 months now, and i must say its the best car ive ever owned, very smooth car and a nice boost of power, ive had to replace the alternator, i put it in myself so it only cost $350 all up, but that is the problem ive had since ive owned it.
i strongly recomend one to anyone looking to buy a nice smooth car with balls.
Posted 2167 days ago
ive owned my vy for 3 years and its the biggest bucket of *** i have ever own if it something can go wrong it has next new car will be ford never had a prob with one
Posted 2181 days ago
hey aaron, these cars look nothing like a 1997 magna. just bought a vy 2 equipe and am extremely happy with it as this stage
Posted 2209 days ago
I drive a VY series II Exec. Great car. It’s only the base model but has everything I need in a car. I have had it now for about a year. Do the trip from Sydney to Melbourne a few times a year and the only problem I have had with it to date is the areal witch is slightly bent so will not go all the way down. I'm not too fussed by it though. I bought the car with 48,000kms on the clock and its currently sitting on about 98,000kms. Money well spent if you have about 12 - 15k lying around. Bit of advice if you are on your P's like myself they are a little but of a cop magnet. Don’t be a hero and you will be fine though. I had a spoiler and some VS rims put on the car. Other than that she's stock. No need to do any further mods.
Posted 2223 days ago
Ive got a VT and it hasnt had any trouble at all, its all i want in a car. Now ive got some extra money im getting a VY storm ute, anyone got much to say about them? HOLDEN 4 EVER
Posted 2247 days ago
sif tha vy looks like a magna, do u hav contact lenses?
my vy berlina set me back 14k and after driving it for 9months i'd happily have paid 20. i love my car!
Posted 2281 days ago
Oh and Kash, Not enough : )
Posted 2281 days ago
Why buy a car that looks like a 1997 Magna? You Guys are just silly
Posted 2281 days ago
How many HP does the Holden Commodore V6 have?
Posted 2385 days ago
i own a vy ss ,have fitted defillop extractors and dual system, and just had it dynoed. its developing 292 kilowatts at the flywheel and goes fantastic. with the shift patterns altered, well worth the money.
Posted 2472 days ago
i hade a ford fairlane V8 , it was really nice to drive n it was heavy
it stuck to the floor on hard corners, my misses had a vs commodore V6 n it felt light n plastic like it was gonna go air born when i went hard, i didnt like it. Now i got a VY commodore V6 , its great its a real plessure to drive it feels like real car. very happy.
Posted 2477 days ago
i just bought a vy spack supercharged i previously owned 3 vl's 6cyl & v8 this car is fantastic great smooth power i would recomend it to any v8 driver thinking of down sizing
Posted 2493 days ago
just got hold of a berlina wagon i must say it has superb comfort and handling a joy to drive and a head turner as the series 2 are pretty rare to find
Posted 2521 days ago
Have to say give me a HOLDEN over a crappy ford anyday. I LOVE my commodore will never change. HOLDEN all the way for me. My manual flogged a Ba falcon down the 1/2 mile.
Posted 2594 days ago
then the turbo dies oh no its a normal crappy ford 6. but i ave got to give it to fords their engines aren't as good as they used to be hahaha.
Posted 2604 days ago
Wazza you worry me. A supercharged V6 Commodore has amazing power??? The supercharged Commodore put out 171kW while a BASE MODEL Falcon of the same year put out 182kW. Not to mention the XR6 Turbo which put ouut 240kW.
Posted 2604 days ago
I have recently purchased a Holden VY Commodore S Supercharger series 2 and I have found it to be a great car, the power it has is amazing. I have just recently put 18" inch wheels and slim line tyres on the car also, and has a full body kit to go with it. go the Holdens, they are the best by far.
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