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Holden Gemini RB

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Holden Gemini RB

1985 - 1987
4 cyl. SOHC
5 spd. man.; 3 spd. Auto
Top Speed:
Number Built:
1 star
Holden Gemini RB
Reviewed by Unique Cars and Parts
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By 1985 the wonderful little Gemini only had another 2 years of life in it, but in truth the TG was really the last of Gemini's and certainly the last of the "T" cars.

Now replaced by an "R" series front wheel drive, the number of models and trim levels may have been a give away that the General was intending to phase out the car.

Far from the heddy days when the "Gem" was available in Sedan, Coupe, Wagon and Panel Van, now your choice was limited to sedan only SL/X and better equipped SL/E models (unless of course you were a fleet buyer, in which case the SL was available).

The switch to front wheel drive did provide the RB with better interior space than its predecessors, and had the General offered a hatchback version, the story of the RB may well have been far different.

Both models were now fully imported from Isuzu in Japan, however they were well equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, cloth trim, carpet, AM/FM stereo cassette/radio, digital clock and a split fold rear seat and the SL/E could be optioned with power steering.

With the competition selling hatchbacks by the dozen, and the Gemini now only available in sedan form, GMH actively marketed the re-badged LB Astra hatch (Nissan Pulsar) - which in it'self was another nail in the Gemini's coffin.

At the time the then Federal Minister for Trade and Industry John Button was restructuring the local motor industry, and this involved local manufacturers sharing models.

Soon to be known as "The Button Plan", this rationalisation was no doubt also partly to blame for the demise of the "Gem".

In USA the RB Gemini was sold as Isuzu I-Mark and the Chevrolet Spectrum. In Canada it was known as the Pontiac Sunburst and in Chile as Chevrolet Gemini.

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Posted 1494 days ago
Bought mine the other week. Looking for a couple of parts to get it through blue slip (pain in the butt to fine parts!) but it goes great. '85 model RB, manual - runs on nothing, decent power for an old girl and simple in every sense. We'll see how see does when she's officially on the road. Seems like a great little first car.
Posted 1529 days ago
Had mine for almost 6 years now. 457,000km on original motor. Have replaced original CV joints at 358,000k, original rear brakelinings replaced at 322,000k. Still get around 32mpg on the road at average 110kmh. Replaced seats with Nissan Pulsar - otherwise all original, paint a bit less than average, and original alternator replaced yesterday. All not bad for a 24 year old car. Am very contented with it.
Posted 1534 days ago
I just bought My RB the other day, 1 owner 075000 on the clock.
Auto, want to change it to manual But i'll see how having my first auto pans out.
Only minor rust, I'll get a mate to fix it for me.
Always been serviced as the manual instructs.
Drives well. I enjoy it.
Any advise to a first time gemini owner?
Posted 1539 days ago
Fantastic cars. Have a couple of RB Geminis. Over 250,000 on the clock and still the most reliable, uncomplicated car I've owned. They never let me down and I've taken the family all over the state in one or the other. If anyone has trouble with them I would say lousy driver who doesn't know how to look after a great little vehicle. Gemini is legend!
random guy
Posted 1707 days ago
my 86 rb gemini has 240ks. ive had 2 clutch cables brake in 9 months from lobe mobile. If u need a clutch cable go to springwood brake and clutch. $35. - have superpro caster bushes and monroe front and toni rear shock drives nice. Here is a tip. in the engine bay undo the air filter cover. And take it off along with the other black cold air induction piping. Then get a small washer and screw the nut and washer on to the air filter. U will get increased performance and better intake sound from carby because the carby will be less restricted so it will breathe better
fish munger
Posted 1812 days ago
2 bad it has no power steer
fish munger
Posted 1812 days ago
sarah u should drive like crony haha
Aussie Bob
Posted 1822 days ago
240K on the clock, original motor and still going strong. Maybe the problems are with the drivers not the car.
Posted 1865 days ago
All I can say is my Gemini 1985 RB still going ok done 345000 klms and still cruising, much be the way you guys treat your cars if you guys had problems with them??
Posted 1892 days ago
hi sarah im with you bucket of crap i owned one for a week before i took it bush hit a tree and as far as i know its still ther rusting away like it deserves i now own a vx commodore beutiful car if you want a chat to pay out on the gemi feel free
Posted 1977 days ago
good small family car. runs on oily rag. last of the metal ones
Posted 1981 days ago
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