Holden Torana LX

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LX Holden Torana Sedan

Holden Torana

Holden LX Torana

1976 - 1978
6 cyl. & V8
2.85/3.3 ltr. 6; 4.2/5.0 ltr. V8
101kW (202) & 179kW (308)
4 spd. man; 3 spd. Trimatic
Top Speed:
142 kmh (202ci)
Number Built:
49,902 (incl. 8527 Hatchbacks)
5 star
Torana LX
Holden LX Torana
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A facelift of the LH model, the LX is best rembered for two reasons, the introduction of the hatchback and, unfortunately, the last to be fitted with a V8.

The hatch was available is SL and SS versions, and in base form came equipped with a 3300 engine, however you could option the 253 4.2 litre V8, while the 5.0 litre V8 came as standard with the SS.

The hatch looked great, however in practical terms the shallow boot did not swallow as much luggage as many thought it should. But at a time when the Sandman panel vans were enjoying ever increasing popularity Holden were to add the rather strange option of a tent-like accessory named the "Hatch-Hutch", that fitted to the rear hatch and extended outward from the rear creating a small tent area for camping et al.

The LX range was to receive revised instrument graphics along with an improved finish, and the indicator stalk replaced the floor mounted dip-switch as a means for switching between high and low beam. New re-shaped bucket seats offered better support and were a little more comfortable.

In November 1976 the General decided it needed to better differentiate between the 4 cylinder and the larger capacity 6 and V8's. Thus the "Sunbird" brand was to be introduced, then in March 1977 the sensational Radial Tuned Suspension (RTS) was fitted across the range - even before it was fitted to the larger HZ's.

One of the most collectable Torana's was introduced with the LX, the wonderful A9X - a car destined for Bathurst and the first Holden to feature four-wheel disc brakes, something it badly needed to assist in pulling the monster to a halt.

Not many knew at the time that the A9X was actually built on a different floorpan to the rest of the range so that the HX Salisbury rear axle and rear discs could be incorporated.

In early 1978 the LX was replaced by the UC, a much softer car in more ways than one, rounded lines and no longer a V8 option. Holden enthusiasts were to desert the Torana in droves, turning instead to the new Commodore as a source of more spirited performance.

The lack of V8 showed back then just how important a "hero car" is to a models line-up, and without one the Torana would only struggle on for a few more years.
Holden Torana LX

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Posted Recently
im looking for a 253 for my lh and want to find a engine with the rite engine number stamped on block to suit
Posted Recently
The best Holdens ever- HT Monaro 350, LH Torana 308,WB Statesman 308 and VB Commodore SLE 308.
I always preferred the floor headlight dimmer on the LH over the later column stalks which are fiddly. Also the adr27a LX was slower and thirstier.
I wish I had an LH now.
Posted Recently
Yes they do exist, but it is a rarity. As a rule, the LX in the whole had less power than a LH due to their mainfold and fuel regulation options.
A9X had some 10 kw less than an L34, and the hatches weighed more. They also went slower over the quarter. They do look bloody nice though.
Shin Akuma
Posted Recently
I have a pre-ADR27a LX V8 hatch. They do exist and it has no less power than the LH and that sweet hatch body lol
Posted Recently
how do u tell org v8 or 6 lx like id num
Posted Recently
Nice car but less power then the LH because of ADR27a (bloody greenies) but love the look of the LX and LH Torana's.
Posted Recently
the lx also came with four cylinder option,as bad as it was,it was still a great car to drive. and take your girlfriend parking in.
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