Tatra Car Reviews and Road Tests

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Tatra Car Company

Owes much of its success to Hans Ledwinka, an engineering genius who brought much innovation to the marque. His early Nesseldorf car introduced 4 wheel braking and an overhead-cam engine. After World War I the company was renamed Tatra and Ledwinka charged with designing a new small car. The 1923 Type-11 was simple yet extremely rugged, and became a huge success. This was followed by Type-77 in in 1934, the worlds first enclosed streamlined production car. Since 1999 has concentrated on the manufacture of trucks.
Tatra 603  

Tatra 603

1957 - 1975
In the tradition of the flat four Tatraplan of 1954 was the Tatra 603, complete with air-cooled V8 rear mounted engine. More>>
Tatra 613

Tatra 613

1975 - 2000
The Eastern European countries seemed to have a passion for rear engined cars - and from Czechoslovakia comes the Tatra 613, a rear engined air cooled V8 saloon. More>>
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