Toyota Supra

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Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra

1979 - 1999
6 cyl.
2.6/2.8/3.0 ltr.
110 - 320 bhp
5 spd. man
Top Speed:
Number Built:
2 star
Toyota Supra
Toyota Supra
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Manufactured between 1979 and 1999, the Supra has different specs and options for different years. Before 1987, the Supra came with a 2.6L, 2.8L, or 3.0L dual overhead cam engine.

1987 saw the debut of the Supra Turbo. A new era had been born. Since its creation, the Supra had been a frontrunner in performance and style, and it didn't go unnoticed.

In 1982, the Supra won Motor Trend's "Import Car Of The Year," and in 1994 it was awarded Popular Mechanics "Design & Engineering Awards." During the 90's Toyota engineers stepped up and redesigned the Supra for a new generation. A major styling change came in 1993, when the Supra entered the arena of the "supercar."

Performance was the new focus, and Toyota took painstaking efforts to reduce weight and increase horsepower. The result was a 320-horsepower vehicle that could go from 0-60 mph in under 5 seconds.

This was the highest level of performance Toyota had ever achieved in one vehicle. Unfortunately, the decrease in the high-performance car market led to the discontinuation of the Supra in 1999.

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I just wanted to note that the production dates on this article are incorrect. The JZA80 Supra ceased production at the end of 2002.
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