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Oil and Petroleum Commercials: Super Shell

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Petrol and Oil Company Cinema and Television Advertising

Super Shell
Platformate - The Mileage Booster
USA (circa 1963)

Your high above California's Mohave desert, your watching the end of an unusual test of Super Shell gasoline, a mileage test that began more than 3 miles back. Each of those 10 cars started with exactly the same amount of gasoline.

The 5 dark cars got gasoline we blended just like Super Shell, but without one of its nine working ingredients, without Platformate - Super Shell's mileage booster. The 5 white cars got exactly the same amount of Super Shell with Platformate.

The engines are as identical as engines can be, the cars started togther, accelerated to 50 and have held that speed ever since. The cars have travelled over 4 miles, now LOOK! One of the dark cars is out of fuel, so are the other dark cars.

Every car without Platformate has run out of fuel and is slowing to a stop. Every car on Super Shell with Platformate is getting extra mileage. Platformate is one of Super Shells nine working ingredients to make your car work better. Stop at this clean white pump for good mileage. Super Shell.

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Sour Oil
Posted 1182 days ago
How does thus crap get started. Shell did have a unit in the sixties called a "Platformer". It used a platinum catalyst. Platforming is nothing more or less than another way to "reform" a light hydrocarbon. Chevron's urea based Techron does more than most other drivability additives at the moment.
Posted 1814 days ago
I once knew a man who had been a petroleum engineer with Shell. He claimed there was no magic ingredient called Platformate. He said Platformate was a marketing scheme (imagine that!). He said that in a Shell refinery where he worked, Super Shell was taken off the cracking towers at Platform 8.
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