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1956 Austin Healey 100M

Ad Number: 6343
Seller: classicandclass
City: Manado
State: NA
Postcode: 9521
Country: Indonesia
Price: $ 6,500.00 USD
Ad started Jan 18
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  • Year:
  • Miles/Km's:
  • Colour:
  • Australian Delivered:
  • Right/Left Hand Drive:
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  • Condition:
  • 100M
  • 1956
  • 87000
  • Red Carmine
  • Yes
  • LHD (Left Hand Drive)
  • 2 cyl. Twin
  • Fair
This is a genuine 1956 Austin Healey 100M. Not only is this a true 100M, but according to the Heritage Certificate, this car was made on 9/5/55, the first day of 100M production! I checked with the Heritage Trust people in England to see if this car might be the first 100M produced. They said that it was quite possible but that there would be no way to know for sure because the four 100M cars produced on 9/5/55 would not necessarily have been assigned sequential VINs in the order they were made. So this car is either the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th 100M produced.

This car has only 87,000 original miles and has not been started or driven since the mid-‘60s when it was stored in a garage. In fact, the spare tire is still the original Dunlop Road Speed tire that came on the car from the factory. The car has never undergone any attempt at a restoration. I believe the red paint is the original paint it came with from the factory, but the black coves were added by a previous owner.

This car has never been in an accident. All the sheet metal is nice and straight with no bondo or repainted areas anywhere. The only rust I could find anywhere on the car is what you see in the pictures, including the right rear fender dogleg and right rocker area, as well as a couple very small holes in the wheel well area in the trunk. The rest of the floors, sills, inner fender wells, etc, are intact, as would be expected in a car. I have carefully gone over this car to determine if anything is missing or is not original, and the only thing I noticed was that the backrest for the passenger’s seat is missing, as well as the tools.

All the parts unique to the 100M cars are present and accounted for. The hood, trunk lid, and all 4 cockpit surround pieces have the correct, original body number stamped into them. The car still has the original, matching numbers engine in it, which is an incredibly rare thing to find in a 100M car! All the correct 100M engine parts are still present, including the distributor with # 40422 stamped on it, along with the date, 8/55. The carbs are marked AUC 6040X on the sides, with 6053 and 6047 etched directly below on the front and rear one, respectively. The intake manifold has the correct 1B2893, etc, embossed on it. The original, factory hood strap attaching pieces are both still present.

I would suspect that the pistons are still the ones the car came with from the factory, based on the mileage of the car and its unmolested state. (The previous owner was going to do a valve job at one point several years ago, but never got around to completing it. That’s why the radiator, carbs, and manifolds are off. All the fasteners for these pieces are still there in the box next to the radiator in the pictures.)

The ignition switch, with number FA576, is also the same one mentioned in the Heritage Certificate as being original. Of the 640 AH 100Ms built, only 21 were produced in Carmine Red. This is one of them. Here is your chance to restore one of the rarest, earliest, most complete Austin Healey 100Ms made without having to scrounge around for any rare, missing, original parts to complete the restoration.

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