Amphicar Technical Specifications

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Amphicar Technical Specifications


The Amphicar is the only amphibious civilian vehicle ever put into commercial production. The machines trace their ancestry to the Wehrmacht’s Schwimmwagens, Ferdinand Porsche’s VW-based creation for Hitler’s Third Reich.

After the war, a company backed by the Quandt family (which also owned a controlling share of a then-tiny German car company BMW) produced a civilian amphibious vehicle that took up where the stark military iteration left off.

Unlike wooden or fibreglass boats, Amphicars have no natural buoyancy. If the convertible top and windows are down, an errant wake or sudden waves can turn a swimmer into a drowner.

And heaven help the passengers who forget where they are and open a door. No wonder Amphicars have a secondary door-snugging handle to guard against this distinctly unnautical behavior.

During seven years of operation, Amphicar built 3878 Model 770’s.

  • Years of Manufacture: 1961 - 1968
  • Number Built: 3878+
  • Price at Introduction: n/a
  • Chassis/Body:
    • Steel, Unitary construction (Monocoque)
  • Exterior Dimensions:
    • Total Length: 433 cm
    • Total Width: n/a
    • Total Height at kerb weight: 152 cm
    • Wheelbase: 210 cm
    • Front Track: 121.2 cm
    • Rear Track: 126 cm
  • Kerb Weight:
    • 2315 lbs (1050.1 kg)
  • Fuel Tank: 47 litres
  • Turning Circle: 36 feet
  • Instruments:
    • Speedometer (with integral tripmeter and odometer)
    • Petrol gauge
    • Temp warning lamp
    • Ammeter warning lamp
    • Oil warning lamp
  • Transmission:
    • On land: Manual - 4 Speed
    • At sea: 2 Speed transfer case, driving twin screws in either forward or reverse
  • Clutch:
    • Single cushion disc, dry plate clutch
  • Rear Axle Ratio:
  • Maximum Speed:
    • 68.4 mph / 110 km/h
  • Fuel Consumption:
    • n/a
  • Performance:
    • 0 - 60 mph: 43 seconds
  • Engine (4 Cylinder, from Triumph Herald):
    • Capacity: 1147.3cc 70.00ci
    • Type: Conventional, watercooled four stroke, reciprocating piston type with 4 cylinders, 8 valves
    • Configuration: Rear mounted, driving rear wheels
    • Head: Pushrod and rocker actuated ohv with two valves per cylinder
    • Fuel System: Single downdraft type carburettor
    • Bore and Stroke: 2.73" (69.3mm) x 2.99" (75.9mm)
    • Power: 43.00 bhp (31.6 kW) @ 4750.00 rpm
    • Torque: 65.00 ft-lbs (88.1 Nm) @ 2500.00 rpm
    • Compression Ratio: 8.0:1
  • Ignition and Electrical:
    • 12 volt
    • Coil and alternator
    • Battery: 32 Ah.
  • Exhaust:
    • Single tail-pipe
  • Suspension:
    • Front: Independent type with coil springs
    • Rear: Independent type with coil spring
  • Steering:
    • Worm type, to front wheels, aad acting as rudders when amphibious, 2.5 turns lock-to-lock
  • Brakes:
    • Front: Drum
    • Rear: Drum
    • Special waterproof lining design to allow immediate operation on egress from water (allegedly)
  • Marine Accessories
    • Navigation lights
    • Bilge pump
    • Shifter for the propellers
    • Hand accelerator
    • Two independent door handles per door, to prevent accidental opening when at sea
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