Austin A70 Hereford Technical Specifications

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Austin A70 Hereford Technical Specifications

Austin A70 Hereford
Occupying a middle position in Austin's early 1950's range the Hereford saloon combined smooth-flowing lines with a roomy interior without losing all traditional character. A useful protective strip was fitted along each side of the car.

The A.70 engine was dwarfed by battery, air cleaner and heater. There was a flexible pipe on the extreme right which conveyed air from the fan unit mounted by the side of the radiator block. In front of the charging regulator unit was a plate showing the posiition of the fuses and connections. On the Hereford the bonnet was opened from the front of the car, the initial release being effected by pulling on the winged "A" emblem.

The flush-mounted head lamps and a small radiator grille produced a clean frontal appearance, while extra coolling was provided by the three openings in the horizontal grille above the bumper.

External side lamps gave the driver two useful gauge points. The continuation of the reverse curve of the front wing line almost to the rear of the car gave a pleasing impression of motion even when the car was stationary.

Under-bonnet ventilation was provided by portholes in the side of the scuttle, which were covered by the Austin motif. The petrol filler cap, high on the left of the car, was lockable. The deep two-piece front seat allowed individual adjustment when two people were carried, yet a useful bench-type seat could be arranged by suitably adjusting the sections.

Mounted behind the steering wheel, the radio (an optional extra) was in a position where it could be operated only the driver. The A.70 adopted low-ratio steering prevalent during the late 1940's in response to a demand from some quarters for lightness at all costs. The large wrap-over of the rear door prevented passengers clothes being soiled by mud and water on the car exterior.

Arm rests and pockets were mounted on all doors, and a wide central folding rest was fitted to the rear seat. A departure had been made from the form of throttle pedal for long past used on Austins, this control being of treadle pattern on the A.70, more comfortable and convenient in operation than the old type.

Good rear vision was provided by the large rear window, which by its shape, and in conjunction with a decorative chromium strip, gave the car a wide, Iow appearance. Luggage capacity was greatly increased by a platform-type lid, which wass fitted with loops for straps.
  • Years of Manufacture: 1950 - 1954
  • Number Built: 50,421 (all models)
  • Price at Introduction:
    • Saloon body: £577 + £161 0s 7d British purchase tax
    • Total (in Great Britain): £738 0s 7
  • Exterior Dimensions:
    • Total Length: 13ft. 11 ½ in.
    • Total Width: 5ft. 9 3/8ths.
    • Total Height at kerb weight: 5ft. 5 3/8ths.
    • Wheelbase: 8ft. 3in.
    • Front Track: 4ft. 6in.
    • Rear Track: 4ft. 8in.
  • Kerb Weight:
    • Running trim with 5 gallons fuel: 25 cwt 0 qr (2,827Ib)
    • Weight distribution: 55% over front wheels, 45% over rear
  • Fuel Tank:
    • 12 ½ English gallons
  • Turning Circle:
    • 39ft. 0in. (Left and Right)
  • Transmission:
    • 4 speed manual, synchromesh on 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears
    • 1st: 15.34:1
    • 2nd: 9.28:1
    • 3rd: 5.84:1
    • 4th: 4.125:1
  • Clutch:
    • Single cushion disc, dry plate clutch
  • Rear Axle Ratio:
    • Spiral bevel type
  • Maximum Speed:
    • 80 mph
  • Fuel Consumption:
    • 21 - 24 miles per gallon / 13.5 - 11.8 litres per 100 km
  • Performance:
    • From rest to 30mph: 5.8 seconds
    • From rest to 50mph: 14.9 seconds
    • From rest to 60mph: 22.3 seconds
    • From rest to 70mph: 36.7 seconds
    • From 10 to 30mph:
      • 2nd: 5.3 seconds
      • 3rd: 7.8 seconds
      • 4th: 11.6 seconds
    • From 20 to 40mph:
      • 3rd: 7.6 seconds
      • 4th: 11.2 seconds
    • From 30 to 50mph:
      • 3rd: 8.9 seconds
      • 4th: 12.1 seconds
  • Engine - 4 Cylinder:
    • Capacity: 2199 cc
    • Type: Overhead-valve, watercooled four stroke, reciprocating piston type with 4 cylinders, cast iron cylinder block and head
    • Configuration: Front mounted, driving rear wheels
    • Head: Cast iron
    • Fuel System: Single downdraft type carburettor
    • Bore and Stroke: 79.4mm x 111.1mm
    • Power: 67 @ 3,800 rpm
    • Torque: 116 lb. ft. @ 1,700 rpm
    • Compression Ratio: 6.8 to 1
  • Ignition and Electrical:
    • 12 volt lighting
    • Electric starter motor
  • Exhaust:
    • Single tail-pipe
  • Suspension:
    • Front: Beam axle with centrally mounted half elliptic transverse spring
    • Rear: Cantilevered from the rear of the chassis via by quarter elliptic springs
  • Steering:
    • Worm type
    • Lock to lock 2 1/8th turns
  • Brakes:
    • Front: Drum
    • Rear: Drum
Austin A70 Hereford
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