Leyland P76 Owners Club of Victoria

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Leyland P76 Owners Club of Victoria

Leyland P76 Owners Club of Victoria

Leyland P76 Owners Club of Victoria

Leyland P76 Owners Club of Victoria

Leyland P76 Owners Club of Victoria

Leyland P76 Car of the Year
Leyland P76 Owners Club of Victoria

Anything But Average!

Wheels Magazine said in their July 1973 edition "...the P76 is the most important car in the company's history. It has cost $21 million and taken 500,000 miles of development and five years to get it into the showrooms" In a road test in the following month's magazine, Wheels said "...if Leyland Australia can't sell the new P76 in profitable quantities, then there is something wrong with the average car buyer", adding that "once the assembly problems are overcome, the P76 is going to be a very good car". In January 1974 the P76 V8 was named the 1973 Wheels "Car of the Year".

Ten years later (1983) the Leyland P76 Owners Club of Victoria was formed. Now with over 55 members, the club is always looking for more keen P76 enthusiasts or those who wish to own one of these great Australian cars. The club conducts a yearly concours and a number other events, membership is very reasonably priced and the club is fully insured.

Best of all, the club is able to advise members on technical matters, and contrary to what many people may think, engine, drive train and other usable parts are readily available for the P76 and what cant be bought off the shelf is often re-manufactured by the state clubs. The Leyland P76 remains cheap to run, enjoyable and safe to drive and a true aussie family car way ahead of its time in its engineering development. So why not join the Victorian Leyland P-76 Owners Club, and help keep motoring history on the road!

For more details about the club please contact:

Leyland P76 Owners Club of Victoria
10 Jassa Street
Bentleigh East
Vic 3165
Ph: 0409 675 648

Leyland P76 Concours 2006

When driving out to see the 2006 Leyland P76 Owners Club concours, I asked the wife what her favourite memory of the car is. As a then teenage girl with a healthy interest in boys rather than cars, it seems a shame that all she can remember is throwing up in the back seat of her fathers metallic green P76.

For me, it has always been the attraction of a boot that can hold a 44 gallon drum, few cars can make such a claim to fame. And on attending the 2006 concours, it became evident that most owners are indeed very proud of their "boot", most open to reveal the cavernous space.

But could it really hold a 44 gallon drum? Then we came across a wonderful example, of course with boot open, and inside a 44 gallon drum. I should never have doubted it, and on closer inspection I reckon there was in fact still room for a couple of sets of golf clubs!

Click here to check out our photo shoot taken at the concours.

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