Subaru Car Club Listing

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Subaru Car Club Listing

You will find below the details of most major car clubs throughout Australia. Don't forget to check out the Classic Car Event Calendar for event details throughout the year, and should your club be holding an event then please contact us.
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Subaru Owners Club Registry
Subaru Owners Club of Australia Registry

Keeping you informed of interesting items such as: Automotive parts, accessories, ideas, newsletters, maintaining your Subaru, recovery equipment, first aid equipment, mechanical education, conservation, Subaru email help line, selling or buying a Subaru, Subaru owners stories, information and ideas from other Subaru owners and Subaru clubs from around the world. The Subaru Owners Club of Australia Registry is based in Melbourne Victoria Australia, and is set up for the serious and not so serious Subaru owner.

Ph: 0403 958077
[email protected]
Subaru Directory Listings

PO Box 595 Carina QLD 4152


PO Box 555

North Perth 6006

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