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Allard was founded by Sydney Allard who, before World War 2, spent much of his time building highly powered sports cars using Ford V8 engines. The company is best known for the 1949 J2 which used a 3.2 litre Mercury derived engine. Allard were unable to compete with the cheaper sports cars being manufactured by Jaguar, and from 1960 they switched production to the manufacture of Shorrock supercharges.

Collector Notes: Ford-powered and built in England, Allard produced a series of very fast sports cars during the late 1940s and 1950s. Though the firm tried its hand at 1.5 and 2.5 litre two-seaters, it is most famous for thumping big V8s which went like scalded cats. Extremely rare, extremely desirable and, these days, extremely expensive.

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Allard J2X

Allard J2 and J2X

1950 - 1953
The original competition two-seater J1 was replaced by the legendary J2 in 1950; this latter iteration was manufactured with an aluminium body, separate cycle-type wings, a ladder-style frame, coil spring independent front suspension, and a De Dion rear end. The J2 boasted an impressive top speed of 110 mph, helped in the main by its fitment of a 160bhp Cadillac V8 power plant, although Allard allowed a variety of different engines to be fitted. More>>
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