Bolwell Mk. V

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Bolwell Mk. V

1964 - 1965
Holden 6 cyl
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
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Bolwell Mk V
Bolwell Mk. V
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The Bolwell Mk V was produced in 1965, and combined both the latest European developments with the Bolwell brothers own individual ideas of what would make for a superior sports car.

Just as the manufacturing side of the new business was becoming better organized and more professional, so too were the expectations on the Mk V - the company determined to make this model a more effective and communicative road going sports car.

The Bolwell brothers decided to use components from just one source - Holden.

This allowed Bolwell owners to quickly and easily purchase spare parts through Holden's country-wide spare parts network.

Indeed it was only the steering set-up that was sourced from another manufacturer, BMC. The Mk V kept the "swoopy" profile of its predecessor, but took some design elements from the then popular Jensen Interceptor for the back window treatment.

There was some criticism at the time that the back window was a little too bulbous, but we think it looks fantastic even today. In total, some 75 MK V coupes were made up to 1966.

Text and Images courtesy Bolwell Car Club:

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