Bristol 411 Series V

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Bristol 411 Series V

1975 - 1976
United Kingdom
Chrysler V8
6556 cc
330bhp at 5200 rpm
3 spd. TorqueFlite
Top Speed:
Number Built:
287 (all 411 models)
5 star
Bristol 411 Series V
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In the early 1970's, the Bristol 411 was claimed by some to be 'the fastest true 4-seater touring car' made. The series V Bristol 411 represented all that was 'grand' in British grand touring cars.

The 411 made its debut in 1969, however the Series V was introduced at the 1975 London Motor Show, the car being powered by a 6½-litre Chrysler engine (modified by Bristol), producing a gargantuan 418 Ib ft of torque which was enough to give it a top speed in excess of 140 mlph and to push it to 70 mph in a mere 9.5 seconds.

Not only did the 411 have tremendous performance, its 8.2:1 compression ratio meant that it could run on 2-star petrol to the order of approximately sixteen miles per gallon. Power was transmitted from the front-mounted engine, via a Torqueflite three-speed automatic transmission (standard) and a hypoid-bevel final drive to the rear wheels.

Front suspension was independent by wishbones, coil springs, an anti-roll bar and adjustable telescopic dampers. Rear suspension was by a live axle, long itudinal torsion bars, trailing lower radius arms, upper torque arms, transverse Watts linkage and adjustable telescopic dampers.

An automatic levelling control was also used on the rear suspension to keep the car stable. Braking was admirably taken care of by servo-assisted discs all round, giving a total swept area of 420 sq ins.

Power-assisted, recirculating-ball type steering, along with the automatic transmission and the servo brakes, made the 33 cwt 411 a lightweight to drive. The elegant two-door four-seater body housed a sumptuous interior, which featured leather reclining front seats, air-conditioning (which we believe was an optional extra), electrically operated windows and an automatic speed control.

Bristol 411 Series V Quick Specifications:

  • Engine: front-mounted 90' V8, water cooled. 110 mm (4.34 in) bore x 85 mm (3.75 in) = 6556 cc (400cu in). Maximum power (SAE) 330bhp at 5200 rpm; maximum torque (SAE) 418 Ib ft at 3400 rpm; maximum engine rpm 5500. Cast iron cylinder block and head; compression ratio 8.2:1. 2 valves per cylinder operated by a single camshaft at the centre of the Vee. 1 Carter 4-barrel carburettor with automatic choke.
  • Transmission: Chrysler Torque-flite automatic transmission, hydraulic torque converter and planetary gears with 3 ratios. Maximum ratio of converter at stall 2; ratios 1 st 2.45, 2nd 1.45, 3rd 1, reverse 2.2; hypoid-bevel final drive (ratio 3.07) driving rear wheels.
  • Suspension: front-independent by wishbones, coil springs, anti-roll bar and adjustable telescopic dampers; rear-live axle, longitudinal torsion bars, trailing lower radius arms, upper torque arms, transverse Watt linkage automatic levelling control and adjustable telescopic dampers.
  • Steering: Recirculating ball, servo; 3 turns from lock to lock.
  • Brakes: Servo-assisted discs all round; total swept area 420 sq in. Handbrake operating on separate calipers on rear discs.
  • Wheels: 6 in Avon Safety.
  • Tyres: 205 VR x 15.
  • Dimensions and weight: Wheelbase 114 in; track 54.5 in front, 55 in rear; length 1'94in; width 68 in; height 57.50 in; ground clearance 5 in; kerb weight 3775Ib; turning circle 40 ft; fuel tank capacity 18 gals.
  • Body/Chassis: saloon; 2 doors 4 seats (reclining front); electrically heated rear window. Welded steel box-type ladder frame.
  • Performance: Speeds in gears -1st 50 rnph, 2nd 90 mph, 3rd 140 mph plus; acceleration - 0-70 mph 9.5 secs, 0-100 mph 19secs; gearing-26mph/1000 rpm; fuel consumption-approx 16 mpg.
Bristol 411

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