Bugatti EB110

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Bugatti EB110

1992 - 1994
V12, dohc, quad turbo, 5v/cyl.
3499 cc
561-611 bhp
6 spd. man
Top Speed:
215 mph (est.)
Number Built:
5 star
Bugatti EB110
Bugatti EB110
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Bugatti ended its car making shortly after the death of Ettore Bugatti in 1947 - right? Wrong! The legendary name was to grace another fine motor vehicle in 1987 when Italian tycoon Romano Artioli purchased the Bugatti marque and built a modernised factory in Modena - home to other great marques such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and De Tomaso.

Dubbed the EB110, the new car was so named to commemorate the time span since the first car was manufactured by Bugatti, some 110 years earlier. It could certainly be considered a masterpiece of engineering design, Artioli having secured the services of the legendary engineer Paolo Stanzani - creator of the Lamborghini Countach.

It is not surprising therefore that the two cars had a lot in common, such as the over-square V12 engine which was mid mounted, a forward locacted gearbox and pop-up doors. Oh boy, what an engine it was!, although only 3499cc in size, it employed 12 cylinders (each with 5 valves) and 4 turbochargers putting its power down via a constant four wheel drive system.

And just as the Countach's engineer had helped create the 110, so too did the Countach's stylist Marcello Gandini - who gave the car a Countach like wedge shape. At the time, many were critical of the cars performance, which was perhaps slightly off the boil due to the weight of all the gadgetry Artioli had used.

Despite using copious amounts of carbon fibre, the standard car weighed in at 1618kg, making the 0-100 km/h dash a 4.5 second journey. Blindingly quick, but many considered a little slower than should be expected of a supercar developing 561 hp.

Despite some turbo "lag" when revs were allowed to fall below 4000, the car was still incredibly quick, and for a time was the fastest car in the world - until the release of the McLaren F1. During its production there were two versions to choose from, the EB110GT and EB110SS (Super Sport), the latter version shedding approximately 150 kg of weight by having the chassis made from carbon fibre, replacing the pop-up rear wing with a fixed spoiler and by deleting many of the "luxury appointments" fitted to the GT.

Unfortunately for Artioli he found it difficult to sell the vehicles in a market with too many competitors and too few millionaires. The company was wound up in 1994 after only making 154 of the supercars - and it is reported that Michael Schumaker is the owner of one!

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