Citroen Dyane

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Citroën Dyane

1967 - 1983
2 cyl.
425, 435, 602 cc
12, 18, 29 bhp
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
62 mph
Number Built:
2 star
Citroen Dyane
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Released in September 1967 and looking a little less corrugated than the timeless 2CV, the Dyane used the same 425cc engine and was aimed as an "intermediate" model, sitting between the 2CV and Ami Six belt.

The need for such a model was undoubtedly the growing popularity of the Renault 4. And like the Renault 4, the Dyane Dyane was designed from the outset as a hatchback with some other styling differences, such as conventional round headlamps set into the front wings with a squared enjoliveur – as opposed to the old-fashioned separate units found on the 2CV – and chromed wheel embellishments as standard.

At the time of the Dyane's development, the Citroën design department was busy on updates of the key DS and Ami models: design of the Dyane was therefore initially subcontracted to the Panhard design department, Panhard's non-military business having in 1965 been absorbed into Citroën's car business.

The Panhard team under Louis Bioner produced a proposal that proved controversial with management: the car was significantly reworked ahead of launch. The Dyane's Panhard associations are also reflected in its name, Panhard having registered a copyright on the name Dyane along with Dyna, Dynavia and Dynamic.

The basic layout for the Dyane remained the same as all contemporary Citroens, front wheel drive, and interconnected independent front and rear suspension. The body-work featured four doors, a lift up tailgate and a sun-roof was standard.

Later versions gained a choice between the new 435 and 602 cc engines, the latter engine featuring higher compression pistons and forced induction from the engine fan. The Dyane was also available with the "trafficlutch" - a centrifugal clutch which helped avoid stalling whilst in slow moving traffic.

Citroen Dyane

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