DAF 33

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DAF 33

1967 - 1974
2 Cyl. Boxer / 4 Stroke
32bhp @ 4200rpm
DAF Variomatic
Top Speed:
112 kph
Number Built:
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DAF 33
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The DAF33 made its debut a year after the 44, effectively replacing the Daffodil when the company decided to drop the flowery name altogther. DAF then had two distinct bodies from which to chose, the "A" body as used for the 33, and the "B" body as used for the 44.

Keen pricing was always the lure used by DAF to sell their vehicles, and even though the 44 was extremely cheap for the time, the 33 offered an even lower entry price.

Many who first saw the 33 in the flesh wondered exactly what the differences were to its predecessor. You had to look closely, but they were there. For example, there was a single chrome strip on the nose that featured the DAF 33 name.

Mechanically the 44 and 33 were nearly identical. The same drum brake set-up to all four wheels remained, as did the Variomatic transmission. The engine was a smaller version of the 2 cylinder 4 stroke boxer as used in the 44, offering a diminutive 746cc and developing 32 bhp @ 4200 rpm.

Thankfully the engine did not have to lug around terribly much, the car weighing in at an anorexic 660kg. Given the size of the engine, the designers set a maximum weight for the car at 990kg fully laden, a figure easily achieved if you were to load a couple of your large mates in the back.

But the role of the car was primarliy as an affordable second vehicle, something to get you to the shops, school and the like. It also served as a cheap delivery vehicle, with both pick-up and van body styles being available in addition to the sedan.

Apart from sharing many of the same mechanicals with the 44, the 33 also used the same seats (the front pews being equipped with seat belts). In 1972 the 6 volt electrical system was replaced by a 12 volt set-up.
DAF 33

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