Delage Reviews and Road Tests

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Delage Car Company

Founded by Louis Delage in 1905, quickly became successful at the race track, at first with De Dion engines and then with their own. Turned into a munitions manufacturer for the war, then went into the manufacture of sports tourers. Their 1932 Super Sports featured a 4 litre engine and was capable of 112mph (180 km/h), although the company quickly re-tooled to manufacturer smaller, cheaper and more economical models during the depression.

Unfortunately these models were rushed into production with little time spent on testing, and the problems associated with the new smaller models would tarnish the Delage reputation forever. By 1935 the company was near bankruptcy, Paris agent Walter Watney purchasing the concern and selling the majority of the company to outside engineering companies. He obtained the licence to build Delahayes, however would re-badge these as a Delage, until finally going out of business in 1954.

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Delage Type X

Delage Type X

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