Ferrari 275/GTV

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Ferrari 275/GTV

1964 - 1968
3286 cc
280/300 bhp
5spd. man
Top Speed:
241-265 km/h
Number Built:
5 star
Ferrari 275GTV
Ferrari 275/GTV
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The Ferrari road car really made its presence felt with the release of the 275 GTB, a classic two-seater housed on a a short (240cm) wheelbase. For the first time Ferrari had produced a car with sophisticated suspension ensuring that a car as quick as this could be driven in comfort.

The five-speed manual transmission was kept separate from the engine and double wishbone rear suspension replaced the solid axle with leaf spring that was a part of the 250 GT.

There was also the usual four wheel disc brakes. The engine was the famous Ferrari V12 60 degree 3.3 litre motor which produced 280 bhp in single overhead cam form.

From 1965 the Series Two car was manufactured with its longer bonnet and smaller air intake and in 1966 a four-cam 275 GTB/4 with six carburettors and dry sump lubrication was produced.

Top speed of this model increased from 241 km/h to 265 with 0 - 96 in seven seconds. Also Ferrari made the GTS especially for the US market. Its body was much heavier and it looked remarkably different from the GTB.

The rare versions were the NART Spiders as well as the GTB/C competition cars.

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