Ford Escort Mk.2

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Ford Escort Mark 2


Ford Escort Mk. 2

1975 - 1981
United Kingdom
4 cyl.
1598 cc
46 kW
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
140 km/h
Number Built:
1 star
Ford Escort Mk. 2
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At a time when the 'world car' concept was becoming highly fashionable, the Ford Escort entered the fray in 1968 as the replacement to the aging, but always popular, Ford Anglia. Over the years it underwent several styling revisions, and right through the 1970’s it remained one of the most popular cars around.

The first major styling revision occurred in 1975, giving the car a crisp lean flowing style that was well in proportion and arguably a cut above the small car offerings emanating from Japan. The interior was always functional, but was somewhat Spartan in comparison to the Japanese cars – but on the plus side the seats were extremely comfortable even on very long drives.

Apart from the wonderful and exciting RS models, the Ghia was the top of the bunch, and at least this model could match it with the Japanese in the features list department. There were naturally better quality coverings and carpet and such extras as a digital clock (set on the opposite of the dash to the driver), a cassette player, and special Ghia badging.

The Australian Escort was a concoction of parts sourced both locally, along with parts imported from France and of course Britain. By the late 1970’s and early 1980’s the Escort had matured to a point where it was almost suffering from an identity crisis. In its showroom-floor guise it was a car that presented as the perfect weekday commuter, alternatively it made for the ideal second car, but while undoubtedly adept at fulfilling either role this was selling the Escort seriously short.

Over the years of production the Escort emerged as a tried, proven, and immensely successful competition car, especially on the world rally circuit. Looking at the Escort's sporting career, it is hard to find anything notable that this delightful car had not won.

Owners soon discovered that it could be driven mild or wild, but either way its ability to please was something that was becoming increasingly rare as the austere 80’s approached. Even in the early 1980’s, when the Escort could be considered a little past its use-by date, the base model 1.6 litre version provided a surprisingly brisk drive – all the more surprising given the Escort was still fitted with a somewhat old-fashioned overhead valve engine. The 1.6 unit produced a healthy 46 kW of power, it then driving through a very slick and sporty four-speed manual gear-box.

Those seeking extra zing could opt for the sporty 2.0 litre Kent version – a popular choice that had the Escort fighting well above its station when departing the traffic lights, leaving a bemused look on many drivers of larger engined cars. Combined with the Escort's better-than-average power was handling to match, making the little Escort quite a lot of fun to drive. It was adept at zipping in and out of city traffic as nimbly as any of the competitive Japanese cars, and even offered just a little extra oomph when out on the open road.

As the Escort had replaced the Anglia, so the Laser would replace the Escort. Some of the magic was lost, the Escort had always looked and felt like a big car made smaller, by comparison the Laser only ever looked small, and used no styling cues from the larger model Ford’s. Worse still, the Laser was front wheel drive – and soon there would be no small cars to retain the rear wheel drive set-up.

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Posted Recently
need info on 1975 ford escort mk2 1300
Posted Recently
Can someone tell me if a 1978 Ford Escort 1.6 GL, 2 door Sedan is a collectible or not? I have one and several people have asked me if I would sell. But I love it, as it still drives well, is Registered and RW, so have refused to sell. One person even said it was a collectible, and I would just like to know. Also, approximately how much would it be worth at present? Where can I find out more about it?
Posted Recently
please i am n 18 year old boy. i got my self a ford escort 1975 4 door really nobody to help me with it. everytime i fixed something, something else came up plese help me
Posted Recently
Hi. I am looking for a 1.3 litre or 1.6 litre carby for my 76 Escort. There is nothing wrong with the original on the engine at the moment, its just getting a bit old and slow. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
Posted Recently
my dad has a mark II ford escort, 2 door. And i just cant believe it's still in good running condition. :))
Posted Recently
The 2 litre used the Pinto engine - Kent refers to the 1600cc engine that was used in Formula Ford single seaters
Posted Recently
i love them
Posted Recently
Hi, i just purchased a 1980 ford escort, 4 door. Im a bit confused with the Mk.1 & 2, is my car one of them? Can someone please enlighten me? cheers
rs man
Posted Recently
hi janet thank for a laugh i always wanted a rs so the first thing i did when i got my divorce was get one look after goldie
Janet Pritchard
Posted Recently
I still own my gold metalic 1979 ford escort 4door 1600ltr engine, this is my only car that I have ever owned (divorce present), she is knicknamed "Goldie" where I live and today has only clocked up 167,000 klms. I wish they would make similiar cars, as most cars today all look alike have terrible seats, and you can't see where you are going as the dash is so high and large. Regards Janet
Posted Recently
might be worth adding collecability of MK2 2 door 1300/1600 sport models, top speed 160km/hr factory
Posted Recently
na not really just playing with ya i love ford escort
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