Ford Fairlane ZG

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Ford Fairlane

Ford Fairlane ZG

1973 - 1976
6 cyl. & V8
250ci 6 / 302-351ci V8
155hp 6 / 220-290hp V8
3 spd. man/auto
Top Speed:
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2 star
Ford Fairlane ZG
Ford Fairlane ZG
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The ZG marked yet another gentle revision of its predecessor with a bolder, four horizontal bar grille and tail lamp tweaks.

As was usual for a mid-life facelift, the mechanicals were to recieve the majority of attention, and so it was with the ZG, Ford opting to fit heavier duty shock absorbers and a slightly higher ride height for both improved handling and a softer ride.

While much of the media attention was concerned with the energy crisis (and their dislike of anything V8), the public were becoming increasingly concerned with safety.

After extensive testing, Ford revised the front-end structures of the entire range, increasing the energy absoption and providing more effective crumple zones.

Engine choice remained between a 250ci (4.1litre) six, or a 302ci (4.9litre) or 351ci (5.8litre) V8. In fact, so popular was the 351 that Ford Australia began local manufacture!

While revisions to the equivalent XB Falcon gave it a new, modern look, there was growing concern that the Fairlane was still too closely associated in looks with the cheaper Falcon.

The answer was to upgrade equipment levels, and so in September 1975 the ZG Fairlane had its equipment levels upgraded to include as standard fare, vinyl roof, bumper overriders, more extensive carpeting (inclusive of the boot), improved interior trim and polished stainless steel exterior mouldings. There was a slight increase in price, of $136. It remains one of the most popular Fairlane models ever.

The ZG was manufactured between November, 1973 and May, 1976.

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Posted Recently
I also have a ZG that has the front quarter windows which i have not seen on any others. Must have been special order ??.
Posted Recently
John, is your ZF for sale on any website where I can see it?
Posted Recently
I own a zg custom continentle trying to find more imfo on that model if anyone can help would be good I also own a zf that is for sale the zf is unlic but everything is there and complete $4500 ono
Posted Recently
My mum recently handed me down her 1974 ZG Ford Fairlane, Never gave her problems from the years she had it until just recently a few things have gone out in it. But since she couldnt afford it I am now doing it up to make it pretty again. Only thing is, Its sooo hard to get parts for in PERTH!! :/
Posted Recently
I bought my ZG 500 in February '09, it's the 302 and until recently had the original 2 barrel inlet manifold and ww stromberg. It now has an edelbrock performer and Carter AFB 4-barrel, and the increase in acceleration is ridiculous. Definitely was a nice cruiser but now holds its own, just curious but does anyone know what kind of horsepower the ZG's are putting out at the rear wheels?
Darryl Stone
Posted Recently
I have owned 2 of these models over the years and found your write up to have showed me things I still never knew about the car.
With the price of fuel and REGO (QLD) is going up, But it's still the best car for touring on the highway with.
The only down side with the car is the fuel tank has no breather tube
(it cuoghs back when filling) and can't see the boot from rear vision mirrior when backing in parking spots.
All in all she just has a sweet look about her.
leon taylor
Posted Recently
this is the most info i could find on my ZG fairlane 500 351ci. my pop bought it from new and i have never seen one with front 1/4 windows. i also thgink the brocure is a really good add to this site. thanks guys
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