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1976 - 1979
5.8 351ci litre
3 spd. auto
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Once more it was apparent that the FB (or P6) LTD was based upon the equivalent Fairlane, but with an impressive frontal treatment. With its Rolls Royce style grille, and the large circular head lamps set in a bluff vertical front panel, the P6 presented a bold and dominating presence on the road.

Also impressive was the even greater wheelbase, and a list of standard features that wanted for nothing. Few could see the family resemblence of the XC from which it was based, and with a massive wheelbase of 3074mm it was at the time the longest of any new car in Australia.

The extra length gave the LTD a wonderfully supple ride on country roads, where it could soak up the miles better than any other. The HO (Handling Option) included heavy duty shock absorbers, increased fade resistant brakes and a slightly raised ride height. And, given fuel stops could be infrequent in outback Australia, it also came with a long range fuel tank.

The longer wheelbase also added to the acres of space available to rear seat passengers. In fact, riding in the back had never been so good in an Australian car. The rear seats featured their own air-conditioning ducts, ashtray, cigar lighter and power window switch, along with individual map pockets, a central armrest and amazing forward vision, courtesy of the use of narrower front seat head restraints.

Inside the dash was revised, the crash pad being lowered to allow for better forward visibility. Strangely, the Ford designers went back to using a strip style speedo, something not seen even in a Fairlane for many years. This anomoly would also be replicated by the General with their HJ Holden.

Even the steering wheel was re-designed, it now having a flattened bottom to allow greater leg room. Greater effort was also placed on safety, with even the bottom of the dash being padded to afford better knee protection.

Mechanical changes were made to allow for creeping emissionsregulations and improve the handling, and a new andunique dashboard was fitted. Tougher emission regulations saw Ford fit the Carter four-barrel carburettor, however power and torque were well down. The LTD was never going to win at the lights, nor on the twisty stuff, but for soaking up the miles or transporting the occasional VIP, there was no better Aussie built car.

In Febrary 1979 Ford announced the manufacture of the "Town Car". Limited to only 400, this special LTD was equipped with a variety of enhancements and even included a folding umbrella, a leather key ring and drivers wallet. Available in two colours, Burgundy or Grey, the price was $16,825 - which was $233 over the base LTD price. The FB was manufactured between September 1976 and May, 1979.
1979 Ford FB LTD

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Posted Recently
This ford ltd p6 is fantasic car for my dad this car me me the coolest boy in that suburb. Im only 15 i cant wait to rebuilt the ford ltd p6 best car. ALSO I WANT TO FIND OUT THE TOP SPEED ...............!
Posted Recently
I have and owned for the past 36-37 year old , bought new LTD 1978 FB/P6 351 CID motor, it came with a long range tank a capacity of 135 litres petrol tank, it was great in them days as the other vechiles had a 65 - 75 fuel tank capacity.I drove twice a year to Brisbane and back wityh it, the long range fuel tank was the go for long trips. Now I drive it once or twice a week, its a car that catches the when on the road drives like new it has that 351 grunt touch the ecelerator and it will take off with no hesitation. I also have a lot of body spares for it, as I dismantled a Silver Monarch.
Posted Recently
I have had a 76 White P6 for over 15 years. Imacculate condition. New vynl roof, rebuit motor with total gas with gas research carby and parts, rebuit trans and diff. Travelled less than 5000kms since rebuilt. Imaccualte inside and out. Only minor rust in boot seal which I was going to have removed.. Heaps of new old stock spare parts as well, including blinker lenses, total front end, rolls royce grilles, head light surrounds, electric switches for windows etc.
Posted Recently
P6 town car, very nice for an aussie car, showing the world that we can build luxury cars as good if not better than the yanks. Ours superbly appointed, only ford should have added an oval shaped opera window just to top it off
Posted Recently
front grill and lights taken from a US late 70'S Chrysler Cordoba,australian canberra politicans loved them,at the same time Americans at the US Embassy in Canberra imported Oldsmobile Cutlass's to drive round in,far better option...
Ian Roycroft
Posted Recently
I have owned my P6 for over 6 years, Never knew of an FB model,always P6, Have given it a makeover 2 yrs ago, one of only 2 Regency Green models imported to NZ in 1977, 4th owner with low kms, would like to get Ford Mtrs Aussie info on it, Great Sunday cruiser & gets so many looks, really well made, drives fantastic, still can't get over the style& finish, had many other Fords, but this is a real classic & endorse a higher rating for collection, A real luxury car.
Posted Recently
I just picked up a P6 for $2.7k with everything working and on dual fuel. Bit of rust and engine a bit tired but so smooth to drive. Got home from picking up, opened the gate, looked back at the front with the grill and headlights at night. It could have been 1978! I have a xc coupe fully worked but no luxury. This is a luxury car.
Posted Recently
I've had my P6 LTD for almost 20 years . I striped it down and re-built it when I was about nineteen and used it as my daily driver for around 2 years before tucking it away in the garage for almost 15 years, only using it for the occasional wedding (including my own).In that i5 year period I only managed to clock up 2500kms. Just last weekend I decided to get the old girl out and continue from where I left off 15 years ago and boy am I enjoying it.I had still been collecting bits and pieces for it along the way but building a house took priority. I now have a five year old son and plan to hand the car over to him some day and I hope he gets as much enjoyment out of this luxury cruiser as I have.As for whether its a collectors item or not will be up to the individual purchaser I think...
Posted Recently
I used to work in Canberra and there were still 5 of these that were specially built for visiting diplomats, they were stored in Fyshwick at the DAS fleet yard (as of 1999). They all had bullet proof glass and armour inside the doors, roofs and under the floor. I spoke to guy who had driven one and he said they wieghed about 3 ton and even with the big v8 they struggled to get going.
Posted Recently
I have owned 2 of the 200 Charcoal P6 Towncars made, they are a great car.
I must comment though on the P5 and P6's being described as FA and FB's.
After some extensive research and consultation with experts in these cars, they don't ever seem to have been referred to by Ford as FA's or FB's, P5 and P6 is there official and only designation.
Posted Recently
I really like the body shape of the FB but for me the grill and lights ruin it. Il stick to my Zh
Posted Recently
I'm Mike from Adelaide. I have a 1979 P6 Town Car. I have wanted one of these since the first day I saw one. I've had mine for 6 months. It is so smooth to drive, so beautifull to the eyes. I have just fitted a duel exhaust with chrome ceramic extractors, sounds as good as it looks. It has no rust & I picked up lots of valuable parts as spares. I'm with you Rob. of Brisie, easy to fix & parts are repairable & they are eye catching. They are the unique, biggest aussie ford.
take care of them, Mike
Robert H,,,,,Brisbane
Posted Recently
Hello,Robert,Brisbane here,,,I have a series 2 ,up-date silver Monarch,1978,which I have had now for about 6 years,,I use it dayly and only has low k,s on it,no rust and in original condition,,,,,,what I like about these car,s are they look different,,,,they are uneckly Australian,,designed in Melbourne,,,built in Brisbane,,,,reasonably easy to work on,,,,and their parts are repairable,,,,,,they are the last Australian car to have a full metal bumper bars with over riders,,,,,they have good coach work,,,,vinyl roofs,,,,,,remember that,most cars bought up till 1980,,81 had vinyl roofs,,,,,,,and they are what I call a dressed car,,,,stainless steel,,aluminum,,and die-cast finishings,,,,,,wheel arch moldings,,,dressed doors and the like,,,very few of the currents cars to day have this,,,yes they are now 30 years old,,but I find them a good,, comfortable,,,and eye catching car to drive,,,,,I know holdens kingwood is still king in terms of Australia,s icon motoring history,but fords Fairlane and L.T.D. are not that far behind,,,,,look after the ones that are left,,,as they are part of our very rich Australian motoring history,,,,,,happy motoring,,,Cheer,s,,,,,.
John Gibson
Posted Recently
Your collectibility rating of this model at 1 out of 5 is a joke!! There hasn't been anything from Ford this unique in 30 years. It has style,luxury and a V8 sound that modern V8's can only dream of. If the styling of this LTD dosn't get your attention,then the sound of the Clevo V8 sure will. Forever a classic!
Peter A.
Posted Recently
My favourite car to tailgate people with, just excellent... Geez I miss driving my one!
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