Glas Goggomobil

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Glas Goggomobil

Glas Goggomobil

1955 - 1965
2 cyl. two stroke
300/700 cc
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
60 mph (700cc)
Number Built:
280,739 (all models)
3 star
Glas Goggomobil
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German manufacturing company Glas made the Goggomobil T300 from 1955-67 and T400 from '55 to 69. TS300 and TS400 were manufactured from 1955 to 1967.

The T700 was built from 1954 to 1965. Production of all models numbers 280,739. Engines were 300 and 400 cc, and the T 700 was 700cc. Top speed for the smaller engines was 60mph.

Classic and Sportscar magazine reported that they had terrible oversteer

The "Dart" was built in 1957 in Australia based on the German Goggomobile chassis and using a 330cc two stroke twin engine.

The Dart was a sleek looking sports car that attracted a cult following.

Never a serious vehicle for Australian conditions, the Dart neverless holds a special place in the memory of Australians.

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Mike V Mihajlovic
Posted Recently
I grew up in the familly where one of our cars in early '60 s was Glass Goggomobil Coupe TS 400. My duty as a child, at the the back seat, was to open or close fuel tap or to select reserve when necessary because the tap was positioned at the rear windscreen shelf. I remember that the little car had electromagnetic gear selection via a little joystick on the dash. Very advanced for its time and un heard of in those days. There was a little push button under the dash to select reverse gear. That was also one of the reliability issues. Few times electromagnetic actuators needed replacement. I remember that once clutch cover diaphragm broke done. Oterwise the car was beautifull and nice for rides. On the twisty mountainous roads barely any car could keep up pace with the little car. Wherever we stopped the car was drawing peoples attention.
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