Hindustan Ambassador

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Hindustan Ambassador

1959 - Today
4 cyl. Petrol/Diesel
36 bhp
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
99 km/h
Number Built:
1 star
Hindustan Ambassador
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One of the oldest designed cars still being manufactured today is the infamous "Indian taxi", the Hindustan Ambassador. Based on the 1948 Morris Oxford, the current Ambassador now features a diesel engine, heavy-duty gearbox and even power steering.

The original engine owes its design origins to the BMC 1500cc motor of that time, however it has recently been replaced with an Isuzu 1800cc diesel. Regardless of which motor is fitted to the humble Hindustan, performance will never be overwhelming, with the body weight coming in at 1554 kg!!

The majority of Ambassadors on Indian roads feature drum brakes, unassisted steering and tyres with tubes - hardly features that a classic car collector would be looking for but surely making this car very unique! (and dangerous?)

The longevity of the design can no doubt be attributed to the Indian governments prohibitive import tarrifs, which has seen the Ambassador compete in the Indian market relatively unchallenged.

Even more suprising is that the Ambassador remains the Indian Prime Ministers official car.
1969  Hindustan Ambassador Mk2
1969 Hindustan Ambassador Mk2.

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pradeep k s
Posted Recently
How the Ambassador has blended itself in the heart of India and Indians is beyond anyone's imagination.Perhaps the time the rudiment government policies never allowed the Amby for a major revamp nor for a face lift .Neither it's manufacturer's had an foresight in making this legendary car even more vulnerable to be manufactured even at this day.Perhaps the sheer negligence and improper management crisis led its end.But as long we are there Ambassador will be there at the every nook and corner of the sub-continent only to be personally adhered which is nothing but a institution of the modern Indian Automobile saga .
Posted Recently
People have filled in all good things about an ambassador over here. I'd like to add my bit also to it. My father owns an Amby 1980 model, without any original components in it. This is one car that you can customise as much as you want, and it will still live another 50 years. The original petrol engine was replaced with a 3-litre diesel engine (originally designed for a pick-up truck) which provides ample torque to carry as many passengers as you want and any quantum of luggage, e.g., 10 passengers (the highest I've ferried) or 6 cooking gas cylinders in the boot. Rough and tough in the eventuality of a crash - I've never had a dent from any of my crashes, and believe me, I'm not a careful driver and I've had my share of mistakes in life. I'm capable of doing most of the repairs myself due to the simple technology it carries - replacement of belts and tubes, lubricant change, filter change, etc. You can increase and decrease the ground clearance depending on your road conditions. We fit in an AC sourced out of a Landcruiser, which works like a dream. 50 to 25 degrees in a matter of less than 10 minutes, due to the high rpm and small pulleys. The emotional attachment - I practically grew up in this care - my adolescent pranks and mischiefs, my bachelor-day escapades, my honeymoon trip, it all happened in this. The only problem is that now it's become old and maintenance-intensive; but given a complete make-over, I think my children can still inherit it from me.
Deependra Vottery
Posted Recently
Unmatched Space, Comfort, Safety & Sturdiness.
Engine Capacity – Petrol 1800cc, Diesel 1500cc & 2000cc
Best Ground Clearance 152mm.
Big boot space.
Fuel Tank 54 Liter.
The advantages don’t stop there; the new Ambassador Grand comes with the following exiting features-
Unique Cab design for 5+1 split seating, making this the most economical car to operate per passenger.
Powerful AC.
5 speed (Fuel Saving) Gear Box.
Mobile Charge Station.
Moulded door pads.
Diamond Cut Tail Lamps.
Body Colour Bumper.
Central Arm Rest.
Radial Tyres.
Tinted Glass.
Full Wheel caps.
The following options are also available in high end versions:
Power Steering
Central Locking.
Power window.
MP3 Music system
Camel colour interior
Laptop table.
Reading Light.
50,000 Kms. or One Year Warranty*
John LaJambe
Posted Recently
The Ambassador Diesel is the most under-rated automobile on earth. The Citroen 2-CV, the Volkswagon Beetle and the Amby are all evidence that reliable means a Windscreen (or windshield) being available when a rock hits - that can be fitted in a field by any basic technician with basic tools.
Ambies can be fixed anywhere in the sub-continent. Will go faster than the roads are capable of. And work. Oh, and the white roof means you don't die inside. Brilliant. And NOTHING American ever came close to being as useful.
Just pray that the Tatas are still bright enough to NOT buy GM.
Posted Recently
Amby is really a very back-dated car.It's looks is very much poor.But I would like to say that till today it is the most well suited car with poor Indian road condition.It has a heavy duty body shape,It's suspension,it's availibility of parts makes it one of the most favourite car in India till today.It's back seats are till today unrivalled if we consider the comfort factor. We can feel it when we go by a Amby by a poor broken road at any villege.So today when I saw that a old Amby of early 80's passed me it really make me so proud because this car not only a car for us it's the proof of our gerat engineering innovative capacity,our rich tradition and the dignity as well.So we should proud for our Amby.
Peter Jerome
Posted Recently
The Ambassador is based on the Series 111 Oxford not the 1948 Series MO.