Holden Camira JB

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Holden Camira

Holden Camira JB

1982 - 1984
4 cyl. SOHC
4/5 spd. man.; 3 spd. Auto
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Holden Camira JB
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The Holden Camira can be remembered for many things, but at the time the important issues were that this was a "World Car", and itwas GMH 's first front wheeler.

The Camira was sold in the USA as the Pontiac J2000, in the UK as the Vauxhall Cavalier, in Germany as the Opel Ascona and in Japan as the Isuzu Aska.

Manufactured in Australia by Holden, the Camira was designed by Opel and used an international parts bin that included an Isuzu dash and transmission.

Apart from these few items, the Camira was largely built from Australian components, and boasted more local content than the (VL) Commodore of the day.

The atmo was imported from GM's HydraMatic division in the USA (the Turbo-HydraMatic). Powering the Camira was the Family II 4 cylinder engine being manufactured at the Fishermans Bend facility.

Although the initial design only catered for a sedan, Australian designers soon crafted a wagon variant to meet local demand. In keeping with existing Commodore and Gemini model designations, the Camira came in SL, SL/X and SL/E trim levels.

Despite winning a "Car of the Year" award, the Camira suffered reliability and build quality issues, and quickly gained a reputation it could well have done without.

Many believe the key flaw was in the engines design - one that allowed the motor to reach normal operating temperature quickly so that it could cope with Autobahn driving in Europe.

The Camira "SJ" (Sports) version was released in 1983 and featured go-fast equipment such as alloy wheels and - you guessed it - matching decals. Unfortunately no modifications were made to the drivetrain.
Holden JB Camira

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Posted Recently
I have this one and get truble with frot lamp, its broke because get accident, its so dificult to looking for original lamp in my city
Posted Recently
i had a wagon a few years ago, bought it wen it was about 5 years old and had it for nearly 4 years, i could not fault it ,we had it serviced every five thousand ks, the only thing that failed was the muffler, it was the original one , we only got rid of it cause we had too many kids, i am now buying one in a sedan for one of those kids.
Posted Recently
I remember my dad bought a 4 speed 1600 version. It started smoking the exhaust at 80,000 km. We sold it. I remember thinking that the engine didnt last as long as the tyers which were still the originals. We purchased a Ford Telstar and achieved 360,000 almost trouble free Kms
Posted Recently
I still have one of these, I have been driving it for six years and had very little problems with it. It has been a great car, however it has been very well looked after, as the person I bought it off had been the one other owner.
Posted Recently
My friend just got one of these for his birthday, while his brother was brining it to his house, it broke down. i had a look at it, riddled with rust and the odomotor stopped at 19,000km
Posted Recently
I worked in car rental, the first one to arrive at my office came on the back of a tow truck. The dash had come loose and was resting on the steering column, the rubber seals around the front windows had dropped, the brake warning light was on and the brakes needed to be pumped to operate. All this with 120 klm's on the clock. This was one of the good ones
Posted Recently
i had a 2nd hand JE.The first 3-4 yearsgreat,apart from no heater(probably blocked/rusted heater core),then it was beset with problems,mainly an inexplicable cutting out.Sometimes it would restart after 1/2 an hour,other times if it didn't start after 2 hours,TIME FOR THE RAA.I became scared of red traffic lights on warm days!
Posted Recently
People who bag em have never owned one, sure they have problems but maintained they can be a cheap reliable form of transport. What else was so superior at that time?
Posted Recently
you know these cars are crap when you see them abandoned on road sides and noboby bothers to stop and take anything. they just sit there in their abandoned state until the local council picks them up.
Posted Recently
The site had everything I was looking for. Thanks for taking the time in providing this
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