HSV Commodore VP

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HSV Commodore VP

1991 - 1993
V8 5.0 ltr.
up to 200kW (GTS, Clubsport 5000i)
5/6 spd. man; 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
251 km/h (Senator 5000i auto)
Number Built:
1594 (all models)
HDT VC Commodore
HSV Commodore VP
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There wasn’t much to separate the VP over the outgoing VN, cosmetically anyway. But that would be selling the VP short. HSV were quick to incorporate IRS and other Holden improvements into it’s own range.

The VP would see HSV clock up their 5000th vehicle, and only two years later with the same model their 8000th, the latter marked by the release of 138 special edition 5th Anniversary models – each painted in Galaxy Blue over Panorama Silver.

The Club Sport that had been introduced just prior to the end of the VN’s reign would carry over to the VP series as a no-frills Executive based V8.

John Harvey, HSV’s marketing manager and former Bathurst winner, made no apologies for the entry level HSV model; “…what we’re doing is putting the V8 performance car back into the reach of Mr Joe Average.” Although none from the Average household were available for comment, not too many were seen to object to this philosophy.

Early in 1992 HSV introduced the HSV Senator and Senator 5000i, and by August the GTS nametag was revived for another iteration of the hot HSV’s.

It may not have been a Monaro, but it was reserved for a Holden boasting a stonking 200kW 5.0 litre V8. HSV also continued the manufacture of after market HSV enhancement packages for the more humble Commodores and Statesman’s.

In all, there were plenty of HSV’s from which to choose, including the Club Sport, Sport Wagon, SV91, + Six, Maloo, Senator and Senator 5000i, Nitron, GTS, Statesman SV93, Formula and Club Sport 5000i.

HSV Commodore VP

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Posted Recently
i have a vp 5th anniversary vp clubsport near new condition done 124000 kmz was wondering how much it was worth
Justin 215i
Posted Recently
hey just wondering if anyone knows if the vp clubsport came out with the 215iengine i have recently purchased one with 215i badges and cant find anything about them .
Posted Recently
i have number 083vp v6 enhanced with all gen paper work for sale 2 owner contact me at [email protected] ***
Posted Recently
Looking for a 5th anniversary clubby, does anyone have one for sale?
Posted Recently
Iv got a vp hsv club spot build 341 in good condition I'm the second owner it was a hand down I'm looking for a good home for her they only made 20 in this color 95 % original If any one is interested call Anthony on 0422595435 thanks
Posted Recently
My partner has a 1991 hsv sv vp and i am trying to find a set of tail lights and a dash surround for the gauges. If anyone can help me out contact me on 0450336908 or [email protected] *** . Thanks
Posted Recently
Hi, i am looking for a few VP GTS parts, Front bumper incl skirt, center console if in good nick or some ideas how to rejuvenate a slightly worn one and an ashtray fro the center console. 0417 904 164
I have a very original Red VP GTS and want to tidy it up a bit Build # 114
Posted Recently
I have a 1991 HSV SV 91 build no. 097 factory manual euro blue. Looking for a new front bumper as this one is cracked same as the Senator front bumper.
Posted Recently
Have build no 8 of only 10 10th Anniversary Maloo Ute
badges on guards dash seats tailgate all original 5 speed manual very low with basically all options of club-sport and more in a rare Jaffa orange type red HSV paint from original HSV tub liner aero spoiler by HSV hard top the list goes on
Posted Recently
hey Cheyenne..Plz contact me re ur dads car. clubby002 @ hotmail . com thanks Steve
Posted Recently
my dad has #0035 its a ss vp enhanced which is still in ecellent condition and its exterior is a charcoal grey color with pale blue and dark blue interior done in cloth ,momo steering wheel ,hsv embroided seats rear seat head rests sv 5000 style wheels hsv v8 badge on the front gaurds small hsv bonnet badge a boot hsv boot badge ,sv enhanced rear quarter window stickers, ss stickers on rear doors and boot ,has a hsv I.D plate on fire wall near brake booster its a 180kw ,auto and has sv suspension and came with a framed and signied document from john harvey ,hsv and its varified from hsv as a donor car because gmh didnt have any cars ready for hsv at that particular time to turn into club sports as this is a 1991 oct build
Posted Recently
hey adam how are ya i have a vp clubby 308 c.o.m.e racing cam 90mm thorotle body stage 2 shift kit etc....
adamvp clubby
Posted Recently
hey there guys i have a vp clubby build number 270 would like to chat to other vp clubsport owner cheers adam
Posted Recently
I have a fax from hsv wich was sent to N.Z. in 1993 which came with the car when I bought it second hand. 4 came to N.Z. and the other 15 are in Aus. One was wrecked in N.Z to my knowledge and I have seen one other. Mine is No 150 and the same colour as the header on this page.
Posted Recently
where did you find the info on the senator i have a friend in hsv and they couldnt find the info
Posted Recently
HSV 5th anniversary edition build 002 135,000km bit rare huh!!
Posted Recently
hi steve from newcastle could u contact me at [email protected] ***
thanks mate
Posted Recently
I have a VP GTS build no 48 0f only 128 built inperfect condition. Newcastle NSW.
Posted Recently
There were 19 manual Senators made. hope this helps
Posted Recently
I own a vp senator genuine manual just wondering if anyone knows how many of these were made.
Posted Recently
hey there vp clubby.. worth anything from 6k to 15k.
I have been keeping aregister of surviving VP clubbys at
*** cardomain *** /ride/857436 check it out
would love to add yours if u cpuld send me a pic. my email is
[email protected] *** cheers steve
vp clubby
Posted Recently
I have a vp clubsport #233 it has a bit of work and its a five speed manual was wondering if any one could help me find out what they are worth
Lyle coleman
Posted Recently
I have VP 5th anniversary clubsport #080 in almost new condition how much do u think is worth
Posted Recently
Charlie Schembri, yeah mate i have one of these. im not exactly sure how many were made but mine is build number 143. Kilbo, Im not sure if it is a '+ 6'. It has IRS, ABS, Power windows, Performance Chip (auto), Extractors, Sports Exhaust, Air Con, and more. Id say worth now, depending on kms and condition its in, 2 or 3 thousand dollars.
Posted Recently
Good page but would be better if someone answered the guys questions below though!!!
Posted Recently
hey just purchased what i think is a " + six" for $800 (mates rates) basically standard apart from hsv printed boot lip, hsv compliance plate under the hood, different interior, front power windows, trip computer and statesman style two tone (not like calais) built in 1993 basically just want to know if it is a "+ six" , if so how many were made? what sort of value does it hold, what extra's or enhancement does it have? and where would i find a front bumper to suit? any info would be greatly appreciated.. cheers
howdy do dar
Posted Recently
this is for ol mate hsv_215 that needs the vp clubsport bumber bar, its basically the standard vp bumper with the surrounds cut into it. same as the SS
charlie schembri
Posted Recently
Hi can you please tell me if they made a VP 1992 HSV - 6 cyl clubsport, if so how many were made. hoping someone can help me. charlie
Posted Recently
i own a 1992 VP clubsport number 215 I'm the 3ed owner, i love this car so much, the only problem with it is the *** head that owned it before me *** ed the front bar, and was wondering if anyone knows where i could find one.
Posted Recently
I have purchased a beautifull 91 vp cluby build no:024
this baby was an ex NSW police pursuite car with a lot of great mods on it. The only problem i dont like is that when purchasing parts i get given the wrong item even after percificaly asking for the pursuite part.. out of all the cars i have owned this is by far my fav, it handles like its on rails thanks to the upgraded suspension and brakes curtisy of NSW police the only thing i have to ask is that it has a HSV10th anniversary sticker on the rear window this is a genuine sticker not a fake all the badging is legit
Posted Recently
i;m the owner of a 1992 vp hsv clubsport built #204 i.m the 3rd owner.i've
had the clubby for two years,only has 96000km on it.privous owner
had a lot of goodies put in the clubby to further enhance performance.
i.e,alloy radiator,dba rotors.ceramic coated pacemakers exatractors,
and its has a factory five speed box,rare i guess.still looks brand new.
i was wondering whether it will become a collector item one day?
Brad Buckley
Posted Recently
I own one of the humble HSV enhanced VP SS Commodores mentioned in this article.Model number is xx1 Build No 104. Appearence is exactly as appears in the photo of the GTS on this page. It is getting high in Ks now at 317000 but is still extremely reliable and as I travel about 1000 k a week in it it needs to be. I had to rebuild the diff upon purchase as it had been abused and I have replaced the steering rack which had a very annoying knocking noise. The engine uses no oil and still packs a good punch.
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