Holden Torana GTR-X Coupe

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Holden GTR-X Coupe

Holden Torana

Holden GTR-X Coupe

Never (Initially 1970)
6 cyl.
186ci 160hp @5,200rpm 3 Stromberg 150 CDS horizontal carburettors
101kW (202) & 206kW (350)
4 speed manual
Top Speed:
130.49mph (210 km/h)
Number Built:
5 star
Holden GTR-X Coupe
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The Torana with the greatest reputation is, unfortunately, one that did not make it into production. Designed during the LC development, but most likely to be released alongside the new LJ models, the GTR-X used a sleek wedge-shaped body running XU-1 components under a fibreglass skin.

While the develpment plan called for the use of Holden's 186S engine, many believed at the time that is was more likely that the production version would instead use the LJ Torana XU-1 202ci six, mated to the M21 four speed manual transmission that would

The GTR-X was an absolute stunner from every angle. Inside the driver was presented with full instrumentation including speedo, tacho, electric clock, ammeter, as well as gauges for oil pressure, fuel, water temperature and engine vacuum, all housed in a sporty machined aluminium dashboard.

But the looks were not just skin deep, weighing in at only 1043kg it (alledgedly) reached a top speed of 210 km/h in testing. It would have been the first Holden to be fitted with four wheel disc brakes, but that honour would eventually fall upon the Torana LX A9X.

A GMH promotional handout declared "The GTR-X is aerodynamically designed. Its long, sleek hood is accentuated by a low wedge-shaped grille. The body line sweeps up at the rear to an elevated tail light assembly. Simplicity is the keynote.

It is achieved by concealed headlights, sharp windshield rake, recessed parking and turning lights, and flush petrol filler access and door handles. Front and rear bumpers assume the contour of the body. To identify the car the GTR-X identification is contained within a crisp black and orange stripe running parallel to the rocker panel".

The GTR-X was not developed by Holden purely as a concept, lavish brochures, photography and promotional films demonstrating just how seriously the effort was to put the car into production. In the end it would suffer the same fate as the WB Kingswood, the bean-counters unable to justify the huge cost of putting the GTR-X into development given the small population.

Just how close did the GTR-X come to production? We will let yet another pre-release sales leaflet do the talking. "Engineers dream. Sometimes those dreams become a reality. But not often. Few companies are able to provide the technology, the facilities, and the manpower needed to make dreams come true.

One such dream is the Holden Torana GTR-X. And it has come true. It is the product of the GMH Research and Development, and Advanced Styling Groups. It was built to assess public reaction to an advanced design two-seater sports car. The GTR-X borrows heavily in styling and innovation from GMH 's experimental "Hurricane", but it is designed with the thought of possible limited volume production. And low tooling costs could make it available for far less than its European counterparts". Unfortunately the GTR-X came close, but no cigar.

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Posted Recently
I always wanted this classy vehicle to make it to production stage so that I could buy one and drive it! I suppose I have to settle for my LJ GTR for now.....
John Hudson
Posted Recently
OMFG! Just how AWESOME would this car have been if she went into production! I am a Ford man through and through! But If they made this car! I swear I would be one of the 1st in line to buy her!! And what about having a convertible model!! OMFG!! W0W!! I just whet myself!! EeeeeeUuuuu!!! hehe!!! :)
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