International Scout Traveler

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International Scout

International Scout Traveler

1975 - 1980
4 spd. man with 2 spd. transfer case
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 International Scout Traveler
International Scout Traveler
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The International Scout Traveler filled its role well, that of a large multi-purpose 4WD. There was plenty of room in the back, in fact enough for two to sleep comfortably, and enough to transport a serious amount of gear for that extended trip off the tarmac.

It stood in stark contrast to the svelte shape of the Range Rover, making no pretence at being small, nimble or, for that matter, fuel efficient.

Of course volumes of sheet metal usually also requires some serious horse power to-boot. And so it was that the Traveller was equipped with a 5.6 litre 5600cc V8 engine good for 121kW at 3600rpm and 396 Nm torque at 2000 rpm.

In fact, the only thing not quite so large about the traveller was the price tag, well under a comparable Range Rover (if the two could, in fact, be compared!).

Despite the International Scout Traveler’s large overall size, both internally and externally, the Traveler had only two doors. Sales people would point out that it made children secure in the rear, but when 4 adult passengers were riding in a Traveler it proved far from being a practical set-up.

In addition, the front seat belts were lap only, offering no sash restraint for the upper body – it not being overlooked, rather the designers deeming it’s lack of inclusion would assist entry and egress from the rear.

Most criticism of the day was levelled against the Travelers vague steering which, when allied to the size of the vehicle, made driving the barge like 4x4 tiresome when on the straight and narrow, of which there are plenty in the Australian outback.

The Traveler also had a very large turning circle, and combined with the low-geared steering made inevitable scrapes and brushes against trees and bushes when off-road almost inevitable, and unfortunately the body panels were less than forgiving when they were to come into contact with the best the Aussie bush could offer.

But when the bush was sparse, but the going tough, the Traveler excelled. With low range engaged it was almost unstoppable, never more so that on the beach, making them very popular among fishermen.

Of course, International Harvester had a long history of building trucks of all sizes, and so the Scout Traveler was a natural extension of a well thought out and sorted commercial line. If you took a moment to understand the origins of the car you would understand you were buying a small truck, not a large car, and for many that was perfect.
1980 International Scout II Traveler
1980 International Scout II Traveler.

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