International Scout Traveltop

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International Scout

International Scout Traveltop

1975 - 1980
3/4 spd. man 2 spd. transfer case, 3 spd TorqueFlite auto
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 International Scout Traveltop
International Scout Traveltop
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The Scout Traveltop from International Harvester was aimed at buyers of four-wheel-drive vehicles who wanted the power and comfort of the enormous Scout Traveler but without the size and weight of the top-of-the-line vehicle in the Scout range.

The short wheelbase iteration carried over almost identical mechanicals, although purists thought the styling of the SWB iteration was less than beautiful when compared to the LWB versions.

Despite any misgivings Scout fans may have had, the Traveltop quickly showed the doubters that it had considerable qualities of its own, particularly when considering the smaller lighter Traveltop carried over the 5.6 litre V8 engine.

The turning circle was smaller, the carrying capacity only slightly compromised, the steering was a little more precise an, thanks to its narrower girth, it was better suited to navigating narrow trails and Aussie scrub.

Like the rest of the Scout range, the Traveltop used a fully boxed girder-type chassis frame on which the two live axles were suspended by leaf springs at both ends. It was a design built for ruggedness, yet it still offered a degree of comfort a step above almost all other 4x4’s of the day – Range Rover excluded.

The interior appointments were also on par with the Traveler, although obviously there was not the room available to allow sleeping accommodation in the rear compartment.

While only one engine was on offer, there were 3 transmissions from which to choose, the standard 3 speed manual, optional 4 speed manual and Chrysler TorqueFlite automatic.

The shorter wheelbase made the Traveltop slightly choppier than the LWB Traveler over corrugations and undulations, but it more than made up for this with better city manners, making it a much better day-to-day proposition for those who used the Scout as a “weekender”.

The overall height of the Traveltop was kept as low as possible, it measuring up to 104mm lower than the Range Rover and 152mm lower than the Toyota Land Cruiser Wagon. The down-side was the enormous size of the transmission tunnel, it encroaching noticeably on interior space.
International Scout Traveltop

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