Land Rover Series 3

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Range Rover Series 3

Land Rover

Land Rover Series 3 Stage 1

1980 - 1986
United Kingdom
185 bhp
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
Number Built:
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Land Rover Series 3
Land Rover Series 3 Stage 1
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While there is no doubting the success of the original 4 cylinder Series 1 Land Rover, there was a void in their line-up between the rather utilitarian Land Rover at one end of the scale, and the very much up-market Range Rover at the other.

Rover knew there was demand for a 4X4 utility vehicle with better performance than the 4 cylinder variant could offer, and so the series 2 and 2a could be optioned with a 6 cylinder engine.

The "6" offered far smoother power delivery, and made the vehicle ideal for towing. However 1980 heralded big news for lovers of the Land Rover, as now for the first time the Rover V8 engine could be optioned!

Dubbed the "Stage 1", the V8 offered vastly superior performance and made the Land Rover a much more drivable conveyance on the highway - and was the first Land Rover to feature full time 4WD.

In fact many of the developments made on the Series 3 Stage 1 were carried forward to form the basis of the "Defender". But how do you pick a "Stage 1"? The most obvious difference between it and other Land Rover's is the flush radiator grille (as seen on 90 & 110 Land Rovers).

And remember that it has always been a popular practice for Land Rover owners to transplant other engines into their cars, most commonly the Holden Red motor. Factory fitted 6 cylinder and V8 engines were only ever made available to LWB (109") vehicles.

These vehicles featured up-rated braking systems and transmission components to cope with the extra power.

Please note that it is a standard Series 3 (not Stage 1) pictured.

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