Lightburn Zeta Sports

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Zeta Lightburn

Lightburn Zeta Sports

1964 - 1964
2 cyl.
494 cc
20.5 bhp
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
125 km/h
Number Built:
3 star
Lancia Fulvia
Lightburn Zeta Sports
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Our Rating: 4


Despite failing to capture the imagination of the Australian public with the Zeta Station Sedan, Harold Lightburn pushed ahead with plans to release the Zeta sports car.

It was back in 1959 that Lightburn had obtained the rights to the Frisky Sprint- a low, sleek 'Michelotti' designed sports car similar to the Goggomobil Dart.

The Frisky Sprint's designer, Gordon Bedson, was persuaded to leave Frisky and join Lightburn with a brief to develop the Zeta Sports.

He bought with him the prototype Frisky Sprint as well as a supply of fifty motors by Fichtel&Sachs, the 493cc engine from the legendary FMR "Tiger".

The Frisky Sprint did have doors- shallow bottom-hinged ones, but they were deleted in the interests of strength.

The windshield was changed, the tail restyled, and the final drive altered. The car failed to meet New South Wales lighting regulations, so some were fitted with additional free-standing headlamps on the hood.

It seems most Zeta Sports were built in 1961, but the car was not introduced until the summer of 1964 for some reason.

While Lightburn had a network of Alfa Romeo dealerships at the ready, they were under whelmed by orders, and only some 28 were sold.

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David Curtis
Posted Recently
we sold them new at our dealership at Burwood in Sydney,turn the key to the right to go forward turn it left to go in reverse 4 speed in either direction.
George Antonijevic
Posted Recently
I had 6 Zetas (including 2 utes) in the early 70's. One sedan was registered and became my fun car. It would always draw stares from pedestrians who would then walk into poles or bushes. A mate with an an EK challenged me to a race in reverse - I won as I had 4 gears backwards! It was terrible car for bumpy roads and needed full harness to keep you in the seat. It was also easy to get it up on two wheels in a corner but with 2.25 turns lock to lock , easy to get it down again.
Fred Diwall
Posted Recently
My Lightburn Zeta Sports was purchased sight unseen from SA and drove it back to Sydney. This only had 5000 miles on the clock and has give many years of pleasure and instigated me to gather others of the marque. I now run the Zeta register and can trace the history of more than half of the 48 Spots produced. Email me with any information you have on production, events or other owners, past or present. <[email protected] *** *** >
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