Mazda 1800

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Mazda 1800

1968 - 1974
4 cyl.
1796 cc
104 bhp
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
100+ mph
Number Built:
1 star
Mazda 1800
Mazda 1800
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by Johanna Patterson

The Mazda 1800 was aptly called "The Leading Lady", it at the time heading the magnificent range of Mazda Sedans. By putting a powerful 1800cc 104 bhp engine into the delightfully styled Mazda 1500 body shell, the engineers at Toyo Kogyo had given the chassis the type of power it deserved, and needed.

The 1800 was quiet and relaxed in a manner shown by very few four cylinder cars. In traffic, the car could be held in first or second gears without any worries about over­revving; this made city driving wonderfully easy. Second was the most useful ratio in these conditions, the exceptional torque allowing the car to pull away from nothing, without hesitation.

The 1800 achieved its extra capacity by increasing stroke from 78mm to 94mm, giving a positive under­square configuration which contrasted to the exactly square dimensions of the 1500 engine. And best of all, torque took a giant leap to 109 ft/lb. at 3000 rpm using a 3.7:1 final drive ratio.

The gear-box ratios were the same as the 1500, but the final drive substantially increased the range of the inter­mediate gears. The gear change wwas floor mounted, and proved positive without being notchy, and is well located for easy use.

Similarly, all other controls on the Mazda were well placed and consequently easy to familiarize yourself with. The excellent layout allowed all major operations to be carried out without need for stretching or groping. One lever on the steering column controled dipswitch, headlight flasher, windscreen wipers and washers - all within fingertip reach. Common these days, but rare in the era of the 1800.

The instruments were located in two round dials on the driver's side of the dashboard and comprised speedo (including tripmeter and odometer) ammeter and temperature and fuel gauges. The 1800 came with reclining seats (with headrests), a push-button radio with power-operated aerial, electric clock, generous courtesy lights, a full range of instruments, demister, tinted windscreen and quality ventilation system.

It also had the stopping power required of an 100+ mph car, with a power disc-drum braking system, which produced minimum-fade under the most rigorous of conditions. Steering was by recirculating ball-type, with 4 turns lock-to-lock, making easy work of navigating the shopping centre car parks. The turning circle was an amazing 32 feet, and yet the most outstanding feature was the price tag, only $2,830!

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Posted Recently
how many 1800,s were sold here in aus?Even when new i rarely ever saw one.The 1500 was great but the 1800 was a nice stepup in a very attractively styled car.See the odd 1500 for sale on gumtree or ebay but not the 1800 or the wagon version.
JD Automotive
Posted Recently
I'm currently restoring a 1972 Mazda 1800.
There is a small and helpful enthusiast group on Facebook called 'Mazda Luce (1500,1800 &R130) 1966-1973 '
They are people all around the world with a love for these vehicles.
Helpful with sharing knowledge/ parts/ suppliers.
Mine needed door rubbers/ steering wheel/other parts and this group really helped.
Posted Recently
Hi Alan, could you please post the name of the Perth restorer who spe *** es in early Mazdas?
Posted Recently
thank you for your reaktion. But we are surching for taillights, left and right, door-rubbers and windowsealings from the left and right 3the window.
We have an european car, but every taillight that fits, we will exept. This car needs to go to the technicel controle and needs repaired lights. We are living in Belgium.
Posted Recently
sorry for this late reaktion.
My son is surching for bove taillights for a luce break (or estate), door-rubbers, frontshield-rubber and some little stuff : brakepads, bearings ...
We are living in Belgium. Hopely is this not a problem.
Thanks for your add.
Posted Recently
I have a 1500 as a donor car. I am sure 1500 and 1800 share some parts in common. What exactly you need.
I have following in good condition
1- Pair of sun visors
2- couple of window winder handles
3- Rear view mirror
4- headlight bezels of 1800
5- Radiator reservoir bottle
You can contact me @ +923009209806
Posted Recently
My son is repairing a 1800 luce estate. This car drove untill last november almost every day. Now it needs a restauration. We're surching for some parts. Rubbers, taillights and other stuff.
Can someone help us to find those parts? Thank you already.
Posted Recently
got a 1970 1800 deluxe with 60,000 miles on it and plastic on the doorcards still. tidyd up with mini lights and freshend up origanal red paint. it won awards here in new zealand at 4sandrotors car show and some people dont no they exist :)
Posted Recently
My Dad had a 72 in canada while I was growing up. I remember that car, my brother learned to drive in it, and he bought a wagon for parts once, and then filled up the pigeon coup we had with car parts. I remember playing in the back of the shell in the driveway. eventually the thing rotted out and he went thru a few engines and he scrapped it. now I want one!
Posted Recently
first car i owned in 1979 was a 1972 1800.Great car. Pulled 85mph in third gear ;)
Posted Recently
i have a timing kit for one of these 1800 mazda 0425860194 rick
Posted Recently
I have a 71 1800ss deluxe does any one know were to get info if it's as rare as I think and how many in australia
Posted Recently
I had one an automatic 1500. One owner 30.000 miles with the plastic still on the door trims. Great car, no guts but magic all the same. The indicators made a double clck as you used them, great memories of a classic car. Bought it in 1969 traded on a 74 Monaro 253 V8 big mistake!
Posted Recently
I love these things, I have Two at the moment and while one was my daily, they both now TLC. I would love to find the wagon version so if any one knows where they are then I would loveto know. Andy
Jeff Bentzen
Posted Recently
If anyone has one of these cars for sale i will be very interested in buying the car. Any of the models 1500 1500ss 1800. They are a beautiful car and i would love to teach my son to drive in one as my dad did me.Any help with this will be much appreciated. I also tried to sign up with this site and it just sits there validating and nothing??? Thanks again. Jeff
Allen Crisp
Posted Recently
There are a few left including my own 1970 car. There are some in Brisbane which show on a Mazda Collector's Register and there is a Japanese restorer in Perth who spe *** es in pre 1985 Mazdas. Four of the nine cars featured on his website are 1500s or 1800s.
They are very durable. Mine had travelled about 200,000 miles when I bought it in 1997 and since then I have added a further 200,000 miles plus to it. There was an article on it in Australian Classic Car in 2000.
I wanted it originally for the beautiful Bertone design, reminiscent of the 105 Alfa and the XJ6 Jag. However I wanted modern car performance. I found that its performance improved hugely when I put in a two litre MA engine with a cam to suit the straight Gas Research conversion. Putting in a 3.9 diff in place of the 3.7, together with a 121/RX5 type five speed box enhanced driveability, both on the highway and in traffic, immensely. Its performance is comparable with my wife's Celica. I found the third gear ratio in the original box too high for the hilly area I live in, but now the ratios are perfect. The car has air-conditioning and has Konis so that it also handles and my mechanic says it drives like a million dollars. After years of driving it and loving it, I 'd miss it terribly if I chose to drive a more modern car.
Posted Recently
I had one in the 70's and it was a great car, in fact as the article said it did have an amazing turning circle it beat a mini minor hands down.
I havn't seen one for years are ther any left in Australia!
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