Mazda Roadpacer

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Mazda Roadpacer AP

1975 - 1977
Wankel 13B Rotary
Jatco 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
157 km/h
Number Built:
3 star
Mazda Roadpacer AP
Reviewed by Unique Cars and Parts
Our Rating: 3


The intelligent and advanced concept of global outsourcing applied to the development of the Mazda Roadpacer AP offered a high-quality small volume mass-produced vehicle with a shortened development time and less cost in terms of investment. Well - that was the theory.

By 1974 Holden had established itself as a major exporter, but one of the lesser known exports was that of HJ Premier bodyshells to Mazda in Japan.

Upon arrival, the bodyshells were fitted with the 13B Wankel rotary engine. This hybrid became Mazda's top-of-the-line domestic model, known as the “Roadpacer”.

Unfortunately the Roadpacer offered poor acceleration, and the fuel consumption was terrible. Contemporary reports suggest 9 mpg (26 L per 100 km). That said, once up to speed the car was able to waft along smoothly in impressive isolation.

Being a top-of-the-line car meant the price would not be a bargain - but at a whopping 3.8 million yen (US$10,000) in 1975 it was very expensive indeed. In fact, this was about twice the price of a contemporary Mazda Cosmo.

Originally intended as transport for high-ranking Government officials, the car was sold in the wake of the first fuel crisis and was not a commercial success. It was out of production in three years.

We doubt there are any Roadpacers around today, and therefore give it a 3 star rating for collectability. Unfortunately we would always mark it down for practicality, unless you could find one extremely cheap you would be far better off sticking with the real Holden of the era!
Mazda Roadpacer

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Posted Recently
350? A bog standard 202 red motor would have been far better. A 13B is fine in a lightweight car with a 4 speed, but hooked up to a traumatic and trying to pull that much iron around it had no hope.
Chris P
Posted Recently
Aaron, better job than a 350? Are you kidding? 26L/100km... poor acceleration, top speed of 157km/h!!
I mean, 135hp... seems to me you know very little about V8's to actually comment.
Come back when you have a licence.
Posted Recently
Still did a better job than a 350 ever could.
p macey
Posted Recently
Yes they are still around, if you want to buy one I have one for sale. [email protected]
its road worthy with new warrant and rego and in museum quality condition
Posted Recently
I see the NZ car at the 2008 Beach hop in Whangamata,couldn't beliveve what i was seeing.The car was actually entered in the classic car auction though not sure what the reserve was or if it sold,deffinatly had people talking!!!
Posted Recently
yes there are some still around, as i new they were made but had never seen one in the flesh, until 16.04.08 at Sutherland N.S.W, when this car's big wing mirrors caught my eye, and there behold stood a (Mazda Roadpacer), so i took some shots as a momento. when the yard gets around to clean, tune and detail they say it should fetch around $30,000 as they said one was found in New Zealand and sold for $50,000
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