NSU Prinz I to III

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NSU Prinz I to III

1958 - 1961
Two Cylinder Air Cooled (rear)
583 cc
up to 30 bhp
Ultramax cam drive
Top Speed:
Number Built:
2 star
NSU Prinz I to III
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In 1955, the NSU engineering department was instructed to build a new small car. Reportedly some seven and a half million marks were borrowed to build an entirely new plant for the project.

Two years later, the new model was revealed to the public at the 1957 Frankfurt Auto Show. Its attractive body carried a 583cc twin-cylinder 4-stroke motor which featured the technically interesting Ultramax cam-drive using eccentrics and rods.

Production began in March 1958, and in 1959 came the Prinz II featuring better trim and an all-synchro box. A high performance 30E (export) version gave 30bhp!

The Prinz III arrived in October 1960 with a new stabilizer bar and the 30hp motor, making it one of the fastest small cars of its time-at 120 km/h. This attractive car was also technically well sorted out and built. It was succeeded in 1961 by the Corvair-like Prinz IV.

Volkswagen took over NSU, and then merged it with its Audi subsidiary to form Audi NSU Auto Union AG.

Our thanks to Gerard Pille for supplying the image shown left.

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Posted Recently
Hi. I inherited a 58 from my dad a few years ago and was wondering where the best place to find parts? The car is in really good shape but not sure what the engine is like. It last ran and drove back in 82 or 83, so I'm hoping she may at least turn over after a good look over.
Thank you in advance. NSU owner in Canada.
Posted Recently
I had a brand new NSU Prinz Feb 1965 to Nov 1966. It was a great little car for a new driver. Economical, but impractical for long distance travel here in Australia. It's only fault was it was very difficult to start in winter. Great little car - I traded it in on a Mini 1000.
Posted Recently
I have seen a three wheeled nsu prinz about 25 years ago, anybody know about this three wheeled model of NCU PRINZ 30
Howard Kitson
Posted Recently
I bought a 1962 Prinz 3 30 in 1965 with 38K miles on the clock for £225. It was a fabulous little car and I remember clocking 87 mph with the wind behind it going down hill on one occasion. I took it to the south of France in 1966 on a camping holiday and it did lose a little power climbing the St Bernard Pass on our way back to the UK (altitude affected the petrol/air mix). I sold it in 1968 for £90 with 68k on the clock and saw it for years afterwards still motoring on after the replacement car I bought had long bitten the dust.
Posted Recently
I had a 59 for a short time back in the early 70's. Bought it for $50.00 with very few miles on it.
It had been used by a local car dealer to tow behind cars they were delivering from service locally.
It was great fun! I used to tune it and change the oil on lunch breaks - lol.
Sold it to a bonehead who promptly blew the engine - DOH!
Galen Fultz
Posted Recently
When I was 16 in 1969 I bought a 1960 NSU Prinz. It was small but cool.
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