Pininfarina Modulo

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Pininfarina Modulo
The Pininfarna Modulo (circa 1970) was based on the Ferrari 512 chassis and was, according to its makers, an expression of culture.

It was little more than three feet high, and composed of two body shells placed one upon the other and separated by a groove surrounding the entre far-out shape.

As in a modular object, the car, in theory, could be changed from saloon to coupe, and from coupe to convertible, simply by eliminating one or more panels.

Always intended as an "idea car", if itt have of made production it would have been a potent one, with 550 bhp of fuel injected V12 under its shapely tail panels. The Modulo was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1970, and in modified form in Turin the following October.

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Pininfarina Modulo

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