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Polski Fiat

Polski Fiat started out in 1932, an initiative of the Polish government who had struck an agreement with Fiat to produce licence cars in a state factory PZIn?. (Pa?stwowe Zak?ady In?ynieryjne) in Warsaw. The cars were sold and serviced by a newly created Polish-Italian company Polski Fiat SA. First cars were assembled from Italian parts (a compact car PF 508/I), later also some other models were assembled from parts, like a small car Fiat Topolino. From the mid-1930s, the factory started to produce whole cars, but production came to and end when the factory was seized by the Germans in 1939.

The brand Polski Fiat re-appeared in the 1960s, when the Polish government renewed connections of the Polish automobile industry with Fiat and bought a licence for a mid-size car Polski Fiat 125P. The deal was signed in 1965, and the first cars were assembled from parts by the factory, FSO, in 1967, their production started from 1968 and ended in 1991, however the brand Polski Fiat was replaced with FSO (which had already been seen on other models such as the 125p-based FSO Polonez) in 1983.

Between 1973 and 2000 a second licensed model was produced by the FSM: the small Polski Fiat 126P, based on the Fiat 126. The separate brand Polski Fiat disappeared in 1992, when Fiat bought the Polish factory, and Fiat models have since been produced in Poland under the Fiat brand, which was used before 1992 in export markets only.
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Polski Fiat 125P

Polski Fiat 125P

1967 - 1991
On the face of it Fiat's decision to sell advanced car technology to Poland, in the shape of a licensing agreement whereby the Fabryka Samochodow Osobowych would build a version of the popular Fiat 124 model, was a dangerous move; there was always the very real risk that cheap imports would flow from Eastern Europe undercutting every manufacturer, including Fiat. More>>
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